Donald Trump Explains Why Black Voters Will Give Him Massive Support

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is confident that he will get the votes of the black community.

In an interview on Fox’s Media Buzz, which will air Sunday, Trump boldly declared that the black community already loves him.

Speaking from his own Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas, the wealthy business tycoon said, “Look, the African Americans love me because they know I am going to bring back jobs.”

Every presidential candidate knows the competition gets tougher every day and winning the trust of non-white U.S. citizens, especially African-Americans, is crucial in winning the race. Trump, who previously had not-so-good remarks about the black community, is now saying his advantage over other candidates is the vote from the black communities.

He even compared himself to Obama.

“They are going to like me better than they like Obama. The truth is Obama has done nothing for them.”

When asked if he thinks that African-Americans are going to love him more than President Barack Obama, the first African-American to hold office in the White House, the business mogul’s confidence was not shaken.

“I think that relatively speaking – I mean he does have a slight advantage in all fairness – but I think relatively speaking when I am finished I think they will absolutely love Donald Trump,” Trump explained.

For some, Donald Trump may seem overconfident with his claims, but his statement was based from a previous poll back in December in which 40 percent of black voters and 45 percent Hispanic voters are showing support for Trump. He also got almost 19 percent of Asian voters to back him up.

The numbers were from WND/Clout poll by Clout Research, a national opinion research organization based in Columbus, Ohio. The phone survey of voters was taken from December 18-27, except for the holiday, and has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.35 percent points, according to World Net Daily.

A SurveyUSA poll released in September revealed 25 percent of black voters said they would rather choose Donald Trump over Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

On Friday, a group of black Republicans endorsed the business tycoon, describing him as the best presidential contender to “free black communities from the destructive grip of socialist Democrats.” Trump announced the endorsement on Friday via his Twitter account.

Co-founder and chairman of the National Black Republican Association, Frances Rice, wrote on their group’s blog that Donald Trump shares the group’s values. That is why they are giving their votes to the business magnate.

“As citizens who happen to be black, we support Mr. Trump because he shares our values,” Rice wrote. “We are deeply concerned about illegal immigration, a major cause of high black unemployment, especially among black youth.”

Donald Trump has always been vocal about his opinions on certain issues that resonate within the black community. Just recently, he spoke out about the lack of diversity in the Academy’s list of nominees.

However, throughout his campaign, the businessman has become infamous for his unfiltered remarks toward the black community. He was previously criticized for stating that the Black Lives Matter protester, who was assaulted during a Trump campaign rally, should have been roughed up.

He also made pretty harsh comments against women, Hispanics, and press people like Megyn Kelly.

Because of the controversies he’s been involved in, his campaign’s plan to gain support from black religious leaders also failed. Black pastors criticized him for his previous remarks on the black community.

Despite all this, it looks like Donald Trump could outperform Hillary Clinton, as black voters are more likely to choose him over the former secretary of state. Minimizing the Democrats’ edge among African-American voters and other members of the minority is what Trump needs to win the coveted seat in the White House.

[Image by Tom Pennington, Getty Images]