'Weiner' Considered Best Campaign Film Of 'Boneheaded' Mayoral Run

It's not often that a campaign film is called funny, but Weiner is thought to be one of the most amusing political documentaries ever, but that's likely not what Anthony Weiner and his wife Huma Abedin had in mind when he ran for mayor after accidentally tweeting photos of his penis to a woman who was not his wife. The film also has odd timing, as Weiner's wife's boss is running for president.

According to a previous report by the Inquisitr, Huma Abedin urged her husband Anthony Weiner to run for mayor, even though he had become a laughingstock for all of New York. Questions also arose about what Abedin was thinking staying married to a man with such poor judgement. It is still unclear why they would agree to be part of a documentary that would certainly bring the incident back up all over again.

Vanity Fair reported that the number of phallic jokes, including comments on "sausage making" and more abound, just adding to the humor. Just being called Weiner was the opening line in the film about a man never recovering from his name. VF reports that Weiner's "nasally voice" was set over the music of the eternal "bada** Jews," the Beastie Boys.

Jordan Hoffman reviewed the documentary, and seems to have thoroughly enjoyed it.

"Like so many promising politicians before him, power went not only to his head but to other organs, too. An inability to differentiate a direct message from a tweet threw cold water on Weiner's chances to rise on a national level. After some rest, though, he decided to make a second attempt, this time as mayor, and that's the thrust of this picture."
Part of the documentary was also ducking the various women that Anthony Weiner a.k.a Carlos Danger was stepping out with behind the back of Abedin.
"Now it's keeping one step ahead of 'Pineapple,' the code name given to attention-hungry neo-porn celeb Sydney Leathers, one of the many women with whom 'Carlos Danger' (Weiner's cyberspace nom de guerre) exchanged lewd messages."
The New York Post also used another Weiner pun, suggesting that Weiner is a "long hard look" at the politician. The film was made by Weiner's former chief of staff, Josh Kriegman.
"Even though the film was made by a former Danger loyalist — ex-chief of staff Josh Kriegman — together with co-director Elyse Steinberg, the movie plays like a Spinal Tap of politics, complete with a hilarious scene of Danger, to a soundtrack of spy music, desperately sneaking through a McDonald's and up a back stairway to avoid contact with Sydney Leathers, a sexting pal and aspiring porn star who was trying to meet him in person for the first time on the way to his concession speech on election night 2013."
There are also clever juxtapositions of Weiner saying he is a crusader for the working class, while cutting to his $12,000 a month apartment on Park Avenue. One assumes that Weiner did not participate in the documentary to seem like a joke, but it ended up that way, and audiences chuckled throughout, often uncomfortably, as Weiner and his wife were in the audience. Another review mentioned how full of himself Weiner seems, even as his political career seems to be circling the drain.
"Throughout the film, Danger displays an arrogance as swollen as his briefs, responding to a random detractor in a bakery who calls him a 'scumbag' that 'it takes one to know one,' then getting in a shouting match with the citizen. "
Throughout the film, even Weiner seems to realize that his behavior is a bit out of bounds.

"I can't believe I gave the press the finger. I have this virtually unlimited ability to f- -- things up," one of the filmmakers replies in a line that drew huge laughs. "Why are you letting us film this?"

Do you think it was wise of Anthony Weiner to participate in the Weiner documentary?

[Photo courtesy of Tina Fineberg/AP Images]