Jenna Reneé Webb On Instagram: Wife Of Ronda Rousey's Boyfriend Says Travis Browne Will Hit 28-Year-Old's 'Pretty Face'

There's trouble brewing in the land of Ronda Rousey and her boyfriend, Travis Browne. And that trouble involves Browne's estranged wife, Jenna Renee Webb. As reported by Yahoo, Jenna has plenty to say about Rousey's appearance on SNL, and what appeared to be a diamond engagement or promise ring worn on Ronda's left hand. With Browne and Webb not yet divorced -- the couple is separated -- Jenna took to her Instagram page to make her thoughts known about what could be an impending marriage between Ronda and Travis.

On Jenna Renee Fit's Instagram page, the fitness model let loose her feelings about what was assumed to be a promise ring on Ronda's finger whilst Jenna was still married to Travis. Renee re-posted an image that referred to Rousey's ring worn on SNL, and also mentioned Browne's wife.

"Is Ronda Rousey wearing a promise ring? As in, 'I promise not to hit you like my current wife' ring?"
To the text emblazoned across the photo, Jenna added her own thoughts.
"Kudos to the people with a strong enough backbone to take ownership of the decisions they make, whether good or bad, mistakes or not--who don't try to cover their tracks by changing their story to please society.. Pet Peeve: When people think they can do stupid s*** and not get called out on it.... I'm pretty sure we're still married. When he hits you across your pretty face don't worry, I'll be right here to say #IToldYouSo I wish you both the best????
#yourewelcome #hyprocrite #thankyou#DNB"
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[Photo via Instagram/Jenna Renee Webb]The inferences to people thinking they can do stupid stuff and the fact that Web and Browne are still married likely occurred because it appeared Ronda was sporting some kind of engagement or promise ring. However, according to People, that wasn't an engagement ring or promise ring on Rousey's finger on SNL. Instead, a UFC rep told People that Ronda is indeed not engaged, and that the ring Rousey wore was simply part of her SNL costume for the promo ad.
"The rumors are not true. The ring she was wearing was part of the jewelry for her Saturday Night Live promo."
The fact that Rousey and Browne aren't engaged hasn't stopped some fans from wondering aloud if the duo will eventually get engaged and married. In light of Jenna's previous claims of domestic violence, the situation is concerning.As reported by Yahoo, Jenna posted a photo on The photo caused plenty of attention to be paid to whether or not Browne was the source of the bruises.

For his part, Browne said he never got physical with Jenna.

"Have I ever gotten physical towards her? No, absolutely not. Like I said, there's circumstances surrounding all this. That's up to her and her family to deal with."
Jenna has posted other Instagram posts, saying that no one should make a person so fearful that they remain silent. Jenna has also tweeted about her disappointment with Ronda, and has written that Rousey will likely see Browne's true colors before long.

With the UFC champion experiencing a kick to the face in her latest loss, here's hoping the hits remain in the sport. Ronda was knocked out by Holly Holm on Sunday, Nov. 15, 2015, in a big upset victory over Rousey.

[Photo by Paul A. Hebert/Invision/AP]