Samsung Galaxy S7 Photo Leaks: Is It Really An iPhone Killer?

We are getting close to the release of the Samsung Galaxy S7 — so close, in fact, that a picture has leaked. BGR has the news.

“After a report revealed over the weekend that the Galaxy S7 will launch on March 11th, more Galaxy S7 details have arrived, including first purported images of the device, from various sources.”

BGR noted that even though Samsung tries to keep its new smartphones from being photographed each year, they always fail. The picture has caused a lot of excitement.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
Samsung's Galaxy S6 Edge excited critics, but didn't bring in many customers.[Photo via Daryl Deino]

BGR says that, according to an insider who claims to be a Samsung employee, both the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge have a black chasis and will not have the usual camera protrusion on the back. Samsung’s new phones will go back to being dust and waterproof, like the Galaxy S5. As The Inquisitr reported last week, it looks like the microSD card slot is now pretty much official. Multiple sources say Samsung’ s new phone will have a 12MP camera.

The article caused the usual war of comments between Apple and Samsung fans in the comments section.

“Samsung/Android: High quality, SOLID and truly innovative beast-mode smartphones. Apple/iOS: The outdated an underfunctional iPhone 720p Candy Crush edition. Waiting for these pathetic iDefenders to reply with the sales and OS adoption rate comments,” said somebody who signed up with the name “CheaplMadeiPhones.”

“So why they doesnt [sic] sell? Why don’t even Samsung users want those beast mode smartphones and buy iPhones instead? a commenter called “Duel” asked in response.

The excitement over the Galaxy S7 is certainly taking over Twitter.


There may be people disappointed with the claims that the Galaxy S7 will only have a 12MP camera rather than the 16MP camera the Galaxy S6 has. However, as the UK Express points out, a 16MP sensor would make the camera protrude out. However, megapixels certainly aren’t everything when it comes to picture quality — especially on a smartphone. Samsung is working on improving the low-light performance with lens improvements and a larger sensor.

The Galaxy S7 will come out at least six months before the iPhone 7, which is said to be a pretty significant upgrade from the iPhone 6. According to Business Insider, the new iPhone will likely have a non-metal compound body, cord-free wireless earbuds, and the removal of the home button that will be replaced by Force Touch technology.

Apple iPhone 6s Plus
The next iPhone may not have a headphone jack. [Photo via Daryl Deino]

Perhaps the most controversial aspect of the new iPhone is that it allegedly won’t have an earphone jack. This would force people to use Apple’s Bluetooth wireless earbuds or wireless headphones produced by another brand. This isn’t too much of a big deal, especially given that Bluetooth headphones have improved a lot over the past couple years.

Samsung has to do something more than deliver a great product. Smartphone enthusiasts loved the Galaxy S6 and — especially — the Galaxy S6 Edge. Perhaps the return of the microSD card slot will help drive sales of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and remind people why Samsung is different than Apple.

[Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images]