Mizzou Professor Melissa Click Charged With Assault Over Protest Incident

It’s been a couple of months since Mizzou professor Melissa Click became embroiled in a national controversy surrounding protests on the school’s campus. Now it’s being reported that the 45-year-old woman has been charged with assault, stemming from the November incident that gained so much attention. CBS News reports that the criminal charge was filed on Monday, and now she’s facing possible jail time.

The notorious incident took place on November 9, 2015, during a protest on the MU campus. Students and some members of the faculty gathered to protest how the university had handled a “series of racist incidents” on the school’s campus. One of those incidents involved racial slurs and a swastika made out of feces that were discovered in a dorm. The incident reportedly targeted the student body president. Even though the protest eventually led to the resignation of university president Tim Wolfe, it also sparked outrage and shock when a video of the protest went viral — and for all the wrong reasons.

In the viral video, Melissa Click can be seen attempting to censor a group of student journalists, who were attempting to cover the event. She could be seen telling one student that he “needs to get out,” while calling for “muscle” to block the student journalists from being able to cover the protest.

The Mizzou professor’s apparent disregard for the student journalists’ First Amendment rights sparked outrage across the entire country — and attracted a mountain of attention on social media. In fact, the most recent news of the woman facing assault charges has attracted a lot of positive feedback. Meanwhile, there are few others who still support Click. Her name has even become its own hashtag on Twitter.

@MUCollegeofAS…if she keeps her job, your administration is a disgrace>she is clearly a thug who is not stable #melissaclick

— Morgan Fildersnatch (@angulimala22) January 25, 2016


KVAL News reports that Melissa Click will still keep her job at Mizzou, even though she has been charged with assault stemming from the November protest. This is also something attracting some attention on social media.

Click issued an apology of sorts not long after the viral video began attracting negative attention, which could be part of the reason why she kept her job. After all, she showed contrition after allegedly assaulting a student journalist during the November 2015 protest. Nonetheless, numerous people — as far as social media shows — want her to be fired, convicted and jailed for her alleged crime.

Do you think Melissa Click should be fired and/or serve jail time for the assault that was caught on video?

Photo via Twitter