Brittney Spears Storms Out of X-Factor Auditions Again

In what is becoming a recurring theme X-Factor judge Britney Spears has stormed off the set of yet another audition, and it sees that she did it again for the same reason. Spears was greeted in Greensboro, North Carolina with a stirring rendition of her hit song (You Drive Me) Crazy performed by a guy in drag on Wednesday night.
People magazine is reporting that Britney looked totally stunned while listening to the “man in drag” version of her world famous song. The contestant then broke down in tears talking about how hard he had to fight to get to the audition due to some extreme financial issues.

Britney’s co host Simon Cowell told the emotional man,

“I don’t think [Spears] quite understood your tribute.”

The man had hoped to impress Britney by showing up in cat glasses, a “bedazzled” jean jacket and boots. He had his hair pulled up in a bun.

Spears, who returned after the man was done singing, told him that “I really respect the tribute,”. While that may be true it didn’t swing the crowd in her favor, who reportedly started booing Spears.

One guest turned to Twitter saying,

“The entire arena just booed the hell out of Britney!!”

Britney has had a history of walking off the set during her stint as a judge on the X-Factor. During one of her first live auditions Spears walked off after hearing one the contestants butcher a different song of hers, Hold It Against Me.