Tim Tebow Wants Hair Cut Only By Stylist That “Doesn’t Curse”

New York Jets Backup Quarterback Tim Tebow, is as devout an Evangelical Christian as they come. He prays, he does good deeds and he is charitable etc.. But the one things that Tim Tebow doesn’t want to do is have his hair styled by a woman with a potty mouth.

According to Celebuzz, Tebow ventured into the Beverly Hills hair studio Chris McMillan Salon in order to get his hair cut before the 2012 Espy Awards on Wednesday. One of the many people who gathered around when they saw Tebow said that they heard him tell the Salon owner that Tebow wanted a stylist with a clean mouth.

The Source said,

“He asked for a woman to cut his hair who doesn’t curse.”

This isn’t the first time that Tebow was photographed at a salon, just the first time he has made the no cursing request. He was photographed recently at a New Jersey salon also, which may have been the reason he said next time he wants a curse free stylist.

Tim Tebow is the son of two missionaries. Tebow is widely known as the poster boy for the Evangelical faith. He has told the world that even though he can basically have any woman he wants he is saving himself for marriage. He has appeared at prayer gatherings and delivered sermons to the tens of thousands in attendance. He also has “Tebowing” which in when someone kneels down and thanks God during a sporting event.

Now we are sure he can add to his stature by letting the world know that to trim his locks you must have a vocabulary that is out of the gutter.