Courtney Love’s Ex-Assistant Sues For Unpaid Wages

Courtney Love‘s ex-assistant is suing the rocker over unpaid wages, and is also claiming that Love made unethical requests, like instructing her to hire a hacker, so that they could falsify legal documents.

Yahoo News reports that the lawsuit was filed by Jessica Labrie for wrongful termination, wage and breach of contract in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

TMZ notes that Jessica doesn’t specify why Courtney Love wanted a hacker, of the kind of legal documents she wanted to forge. Labrie worked for the rock star from June 2010 until July 2011 and often put in more than 60 hours a week, according to the lawsuit.

Apparently, however, Love only paid her ex-assistant a fraction of her salary, meaning that Love owes the woman thousands in unpaid wages, as well as business and travel expenses.

Labrie suffered from headaches, insomnia, and other medical conditions as a result of being employed by Courtney Love, according to The Washington Post.

She was reportedly forced to resign over her unpaid wages.

Labrie’s attorney, Josh Gruenberg, states that love reportedly wanted a hacker to change the records to businesses she owned or believed she owned, but Labrie refused to do so.

Courtney’s representative declined to comment, telling TMZ that he hasn’t seen the lawsuit yet. In case you haven’t connected the name yet, Jessica Labrie is the same ex-assistant who is currently shopping a tell-all book about Courtney Love, tentatively called “Get Me A Xanax.”

The proposal notes that:

“This is an unprecedented glimpse into the daily life of the chaotic widow of Kurt Cobain, by an innocuous girl who had the extraordinary chance to witness it all.”

Do you think that Courtney Love’s ex-assistant is telling the truth about the rocker?