Bernie Sanders Has Incredibly Moving Moment Today After Hearing A Woman Cry At Rally in Iowa

The 2016 presidential election is one that will have a lot of jabs, a lot of anger, and a lot of discussions that may go over the heads of some people. What can’t be forgotten is that there are real lives at stake in all of this and the well-being of so many is on the table. Well, today at a rally in Iowa, everyone was reminded of that as a woman in the crowd spoke and broke down while speaking to Bernie Sanders.

On Monday morning, there was a town hall event held by Bernie Sanders’ campaign in Iowa Falls, Iowa. The Washington Post reported that while speaking and campaigning, Sanders also wanted to hear from those that were standing before him.

Sanders asked for those in the crowd to stand up and speak on surviving on such a small amount of money per year. Here is just a small portion of what she said while trying to fight back tears.

“It’s so hard to do anything to pay your bills, you’re ashamed all the time… when you can’t buy presents for your children it’s really really really hard – and I work 3, 4, 5 jobs sometimes, always minimum wage, I have a degree, divorced and it’s just I’m waiting for disability to come through so my parents have to support me – it’s just hard.”

The entire time she was speaking, Bernie Sanders simply stared at her intently and would sometimes lower his head. He almost looked to be at a complete and total loss as the woman spoke, and the entire room was silent.

bernie sanders iowa rally moving moment
Photo by Sean Rayford/Getty Images

As the woman finished speaking and started crying even a bit harder. Sanders thanked her twice and then waited as the crowd gave the woman a round of applause. After the room settled back down a little bit, Sanders spoke on what she had to say.

“It is not easy for people to stand up and say that, but the truth is that until millions of people who are experiencing what you’re experiencing do say that, we don’t make change.”

The moving moment in Iowa today echoes the pure emotion and heartfelt compassion that Bernie Sanders has displayed throughout his campaign. While others are speaking completely on the issues and political aspirations they have, Sanders has been one of the few candidates to connect with the people.

The Daily News reports that Hillary Clinton is defending her campaign and how things will be handled moving forward, even though the polls are not in her favor. The early voting in the Iowa caucuses have Sanders leading Clinton, but she still feels as if she is the best candidate in the Democratic class.

hillary clinton iowa bernie sanders
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Clinton has stated that she feels “good about where we are,” and said that the race is “very personal.” From there, Clinton took a jab at Bernie Sanders, and made it seem as if she feels he just isn’t qualified to be President of the United States.

Bernie Sanders has belief in himself and in his campaign, and feels that Iowa is a state his campaign can succeed in. Well, that is proving to be true so far, as Clinton’s early and big lead in Iowa has totally disappeared with Sanders overtaking.

Many more displays like the one seen by Bernie Sanders today at the Iowa rally, and he’s going to do nothing but win over more voters. He doesn’t just listen to a person and then move onto the next. Sanders listens to them, hears them, empathizes with them, and let’s them know he is working to make life better for everyone.

[Image by Scott Olson/Getty Images]