The Social Web Reveals Your Political Affiliation [Infographic]

If you follow Fox News your probably a far-right wing Republican, if you follow NPR you’re probably a bleeding heart liberal. While we have known for a long time that the news people consume matches their own political beliefs there are actually other sites that can help reveal a persons political support.

The team at created “Politics of the Social Web” which examines how the major social websites line with a person’s political beliefs.

As you can see below sites such as BuzzFeed, Reddit, Tumblr, Spotify tend to be used by Obama supporting individuals while PayPal, eBay and Bing users tend to lean towards a more Mitt Romney friendly political team.

In many cases users align their beliefs in the middle of the political spectrum, typically when it comes to major tech platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Skype, Wordpress and Pandora.

With a massive number of people using the webs most popular products the biggest surprise may be eBay and Paypal which are both very popular but also very Republican.

The chart was created by examining affinity and engagement through the analysis of Facebook likes.

Notice on the left side of the chart that the level of political engagement also places each website within a certain spectrum on the chart.

Social Media and your political choices

If I was Mitt Romney I would be placing a bigger emphasis on PayPal made donations given his supports affinity for using that particular payment platform.

Do any of the websites listed to the left or right surprise you in terms of political affiliation?