Hillary Clinton Gets Endorsements From Two Major Newspapers, But Bernie Sanders Is Catching Up

Hillary Clinton may be stumbling, but she has just been endorsed by the Des Moines Register and the Boston Globe. The Des Moines Register says Clinton has needed knowledge and experience.

“Whoever is sworn into office next January must demonstrate not only a deep understanding of the issues facing America, but also possess the diplomatic skills that enable presidents to forge alliances to get things done. By that measure, Democrats have one outstanding candidate deserving of their support: Hillary Clinton.”

The endorsement adds that as the first lady, Clinton worked tirelessly on health care reform while creating the Children’s Health Insurance Program that provided healthcare coverage for eight million children. It also notes that as a senator, Clinton reached across party lines to fight for job creation and universal health care.

There is one common theme of the comments section after the article: Commenters say the endorsement sounds like it was purchased.

“Bought and paid for,” says Andrew Tucker.

His comment received 91 likes.

Hillary Clinton Endorsement
Hillary Clinton is getting some major endorsements, but will that help? [Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]

The Boston Globe also believes Hillary Clinton deserves the Democratic nomination.

“Today, the nation has new challenges, which require a different kind of leader — someone who can keep what Obama got right, while also fixing his failures, especially on gun control and immigration reform. That will require a focus and toughness that Obama sometimes lacked. This is Clinton’s time, and the Globe enthusiastically endorses her in the Feb. 9 Democratic primary in New Hampshire.”

The endorsement adds that Clinton is more seasoned, more grounded, and more forward-looking than she was in 2008. It also notes that Hillary has added four years as secretary of state to her already impressive resume. The comments after the article skewer against Clinton.

“Vote for war, takes money from wall street, former Walmart board member. Not the candidate that cares about the everyday American. Donate to the foundation or your not on her radar,” says commenter Stuck_On_the_T.

“Indictable Yes – Electable No,” responds faith4ever.

Since the article was linked from the Drudge Report, there were obviously a lot of conservatives who commented. However, some of the people who commented appeared to be Bernie Sanders fans and are upset that, in the final days before the 2016 Iowa caucus, major media outlets are shilling for Hillary.

Meanwhile, Charles Blow of the New York Times has written an article titled “Hillary Clinton Stumbles.”

Bernie Sanders is set to pull an upset on Hillary Clinton. [Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]

“But now, on the verge of Monday night’s Democratic town hall in Iowa — the last time the candidates will face off before the caucuses in that state — and with Bernie Sanders’s poll numbers climbing not only in Iowa, but also in New Hampshire, the Clinton campaign seems increasingly desperate and reckless,” Mr. Blow claims.

Even thought Blow is positive about Sanders’ election prospects, he says that Bernie is over-promising a lot on his ambitious goals. However, he thinks Hillary Clinton’s rhetoric against Sanders is hurting her campaign.

There are many people on Twitter who don’t like Hillary Clinton’s attacks on Sanders.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will face off Monday evening during a CNN town hall meeting. It may be Hillary’s last chance at winning the Democratic nomination.

[Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images]