World’s Heaviest Woman Credits 98lb Weightloss To Sex Marathon

Wanting to lose a little extra weight this summer? The world’s heaviest living woman, Pauline Potter, may have the weight loss plan you’re looking for. Potter has lost over 98 lbs in the last 7 months with a very simple exercise plan….or as she puts it “sexercise” plan.

Pauline was given the “World’s Heaviest Living Woman” by the Guinness Book of World Records last year when she weighed a staggering 643 lbs, reports Huffington Post. She had contacted them hoping the title would motivate her into losing the weight. Potter had packed on the weight after a split from her husband as a result of her inability to bond with his son caused a rift in the marriage.

Now she’s determined to lose the weight she’s gained and she’s doing it with marathon sex sessions with her ex-husband.

After she received the title from Guinness, ex-husband Alex contacted her and they rekindled that hot steamy love they had once had. As Alex tells The Sun:

“She can’t walk, dress herself or even go to the toilet on her own — but I’m desperate to be her lover and caretaker again.Plus I miss our sex life. Pauline could be 70st [980 pounds] and we’d still have sex every single day because it’s that good. It was the biggest mistake of my life letting Pauline go and it’s taken her gaining weight and becoming the world’s heaviest woman to realize how much I still love her.”

The couple have up to seven “exercise” sessions every day with the World’s Heaviest Woman having a goal of weighing 532 pounds.

“I can’t move much in bed, but I burn 500 calories a session –- it’s great exercise just jiggling around. My bed is strengthened and, although I can’t buy sexy lingerie, I drape a nice sheet over me.”

She goes on to add:

“My goal is to lose 200lb (14st 4lb) plus and have weight-loss surgery so I can be mobile again and not rely on anyone for help.”

Alex, who weighs just 140 lbs, does make note to point out the risk involved as with any exercise program:

“It’s really dangerous for us to have sex because at any moment the bed could collapse and one or both of us could be seriously injured or even killed from the impact.”

The couple is not doing anything unheard of though. According to Dr. Yvonne Kristin Fulbright, founder of Sexuality Source Inc and relationship expert, sex is an excellent way to get in shape and slim down:

“Shagging can make you slimmer, if you do enough of it. Requiring no monthly fee — dress code optional – you can ‘sexercise’ yourself into shape. This is one gym membership you’ll never want to drop.”