Apple’s Withdrawal From EPEAT Certification Causes Backlash From Green Tech Organizations

Apple officially withdrew from the EPEAT eco-friendly product list last weekend, prompting surprised reactions from purchasers of the products, causing backlash both from EPEAT itself, as well as other green tech organizations.

The San Jose Mercury News reports that Apple had previously established itself as an environmental leader among consumer electronics companies, but their abrupt withdrawal from the “green” product registry has set off a firestorm against the company, and is predicted to cut into its computer sales.

EPEAT’s CEO, Robert Frisbee, stated in an interview on Monday, according to The Wall Street Journal, that:

“They said their design direction was no longer consistent with the EPEAT requirements. They were important supporters and we are disappointed that they don’t want their products measured by this standard anymore.”

Apple’s decision most likely stems from its decision to make the batteries glued to the casings of their new laptops, although they have yet to release a statement regarding their decision. Frisbee notes, however, that, “If the battery is glued to the case it means you can’t recycle the case and you can’t recycle the battery.” This design decision is in direct violation of EPEAT standards.

According to The San Jose Mercury News, Chris Geiger, the city of San Francisco’s toxics reduction coordinator stated of Apple’s decision that:

“I don’t know why Apple would choose to go this route. It’s really bad for EPEAT and it’s really bad for anyone trying to do green purchasing. We strongly believe that eco-labels are essential for green purchasing, and Apple just withdrew from the list. We want to register our displeasure, and urge Apple to reconsider.”

Will Apple’s decision to exit the EPEAT “green” product list change your opinion about the company and your decision to purchase their products?