iPod Nano Could Revert To Earlier Form

The next version of the Apple iPod nano will revert to its original oblong style, according to Macotakara, a Japanese Apple-centric blog.

Citing a “reliable Chinese source,” Macotakara goes on to say that the new nano may run iTunes, which means that it may run a fully operational version of iOS. According to Apple Insider, the current version of the nano mimics the mobile iOS but is not the same software, meaning it can’t run applications from the App Store. The new nano may also have a circular home button like the ones found on the iPad, iPod touch and iPhone.

Macotakara also says that the casing for the new iPod nano will be smaller than the fifth-generation and slimmer than the sixth-generation, and that it will drop Ping, Apple’s failed social networking service. SlashGear says the seventh-generation nano will be shorter than the tallest nano, and will have a body closer to the first-generation nano and a display about the same size as the fifth-generation nano.

According to CNet, the last major update to the iPod Nano was in September 2010. That update saw the nano become square like the iPod shuffle, but has a touch screen instead of click controls. The current nano also has a clip on the back, which will be removed in its next generation. Apple also lowered the price to $129 for the 8GB model and $149 for the 16GB model at its Let’s Talk iPhone event in 2011.

The new iPod nano will most likely be unveiled in the fall, which is when Apple generally releases changes to its iPod lineup.