Teacher Sings Parody Of Adele's 'Hello' - Song About 'Snow' Days - Video

Teachers often dream about snow days because it means school's out and no classes, which means teachers get a reprieve from teaching. This teacher from Tennessee decided to sing about snow days by making yet another parody of Adele's "Hello" called "Snow," and the video went viral. So the teacher decided to create a full-blown video of the parody and it got about three times the views her first video got. The third grade teacher, Mary Morris, uploaded both videos to her YouTube account. She said she made the original parody video for her fellow teachers after their inservice.

WJHL reported about the new video saying that after the original parody about "Snow Days" received so many views, some of Morris' friends helped her film the video parody of Adele's "Hello." The Rush Strong School teacher in Strawberry Plains, TN, said she "never dreamed it would explode like this, but I'm glad it could brighten a few cold days!" Morris says she not only does the songs to help motivate kids but to poke some fun at testing as well, as seen in the words to "Snow's" chorus.

"If it's got to be so coldThe least that it can do is snowIf I have to keep my students inside one more timeFor recess, going to lose my mind"
Here is the original song parody Mary performed for the teachers at the inservice meeting.
In the video below, NBC affiliate WBIR-TV interviewed Morris who told WBIR-TV how surprised she was about the popularity of the first video, and the video talks about how the polished version of the video was in the works.
"I was just blown away by what a big deal this is. It's exciting, but it's nerve-wracking at the same time, just to have so many people watching it and knowing about it and talking about it."
"Most people have said...'I feel you, I understand. I'm a teacher in Missouri. I'm a teacher in Maryland,'" Morris said.

So far, Morris has received positive reviews, including from her husband. Morris' husband Chad told WBIR that he was really excited about her video.

"I'm so excited for her, she really is talented, and I'm not saying that because I'm her husband but because she is, and she cares so much for her students - anyone that she's around."
Morris and her friends' ultimate goal is to have Jimmy Fallon or Ellen DeGeneres show the video on one of their shows.
In the video shot by WBIR, plans were in the making for the polished version of the video. One of Morris' friends, Jonathan Price owns InnerDigital, a company which produces marketing videos. Price, his wife Lisa, and several other of Morris' media-minded friends helped her shoot the video at Rush Strong School. Of course, the video has been finished since then and as you can see, the video is quite a production, mimicking Adele's "Hello" very well. About what Morris is doing, she told WBIR "I love to sing and I love to make people laugh, so it's a perfect combination of both."

Morris regularly writes songs for her students, and this is not the first time Morris has parodied one of Adele's songs. In 2013, the third grade teacher posted a video of her version of "Rumor Has It" about the CRA math test, which she sang at a faculty meeting. Morris then did another parody of an Adele song, "Set Fire to the Rain," but changed the title to "It Feels Like Fire in My Brain." Morris has also performed two other TCAP test parody songs, "Your Lips Are Movin" and "Let It Go."

What did you think of this teachers song about Snow Days as a parody of Adele's "Hello" and her other parodies?

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