‘Find 6 Words Hidden In The Picture’: The Words You Probably Missed

Can you find 6 words hidden in the picture?

That is the question that is circulating on Facebook thanks to a now-viral picture puzzle. Even though it may seem relatively simple to solve, the puzzle’s high level of difficulty becomes crystal clear almost immediately.

(Image Source: Facebook)

At first glance, it looks like a popular frame from a family-friendly comic strip or even a scene from a Saturday morning cartoon. However, if you pay close attention to the details of the elements within the actual picture, the 6 words hidden in the picture will essentially pop out right at you.

Below is a list of the 6 words hidden in the picture puzzle along with detailed descriptions of their specific locations.


At the very top of the “Can You Find 6 Words Hidden in the Picture?” there is a framed mirror. It is showing the reflection of a framed picture and a floral bouquet inside of a vase. Pay close attention to the yellow frame because of the 6 words hidden in the picture (mirror) is found on the top edge of the frame within the decorative details.


To the right of the framed mirror, there is an open doorway to the kitchen. Your eyes might focus on the refrigerator or even the bowl of fruit on top of the fridge. Do not get distracted by the sink, the kitchen counter or even the back window. Just pay attention to the lines on the floor, because one of the 6 words hidden in the picture (tiles) is actually found within those lines in all capitals.


The brown couch is in the background of the “6 words hidden” picture puzzle, but you should definitely not overlook it. There is a row of circles worked within the design of the top section of the couch. However, when you pay attention to the top row of (above the row of circles) you will see the word “couch” appear – scratching off yet another word from the list.


Look at the little boy inside of the tent. It is very easy to get caught up with the details of the tent – especially since it is apparently made out of two blankets of different colors. The primary blanket is a solid green color with a white line along the border. However, one of the 6 words hidden in this picture puzzle is actually found on the broom that the little boy is holding. The word “straw” is found within the top half of the strawed section of the broom above the red strip.

6 words hidden
(Image Source: Facebook)


Do not look at the little girl and do not concern yourself with the pillows that are on the floor near the blanket tent. The next clue is found on the cat’s tail. This orange feline has quite a few stripes, but the word “cat” is found within the stripes on its tail.


It is very easy to get confused by the final clue. The last of the 6 words hidden in the picture puzzle is quite possibly one of the most difficult to find. Why? You will more than likely search everywhere else within the picture except one of the most obvious places – the television. The television, which is located to the right of the striped cat, has the final word “cord” wrapped up in its actual cord.

Did you find all 6 words hidden in the picture puzzle? Hopefully, the detailed descriptions above will help you to find each of them – including the ones that you may have missed the first time around.

The “Can You Find 6 Words Hidden in the Picture?” puzzle is just one of the now-viral Facebook puzzles circulating online. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, there is also a picture puzzle circulating online that focuses on rock bands from the 90s.

[Image Credit: Facebook]