Have Cabin Fever? Here’s What’s New To Netflix, Hulu, And Amazon Prime

Have Cabin Fever? Here's What's New To Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime

Cities from Virginia to New York have experienced record snowfall this weekend, resulting in millions of Americans sitting at home for days on end with nothing to do. With many schools and governments still closed Monday (January 25), you may be wondering what is new to Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. If you are looking for the latest series or movie available for streaming, we have your definitive list below.


With Netflix recently posting record numbers of subscribers, many of those individuals are probably like you and wondering what is new to Netflix. The number one streaming service has several new offerings, in fact. Let’s take a look at what is new to Netflix:

Just in time for Blizzard2016 is Chelsea Handler’s new series, Chelsea Does. Released Saturday (January 23) at the height of the storm, Handler explores four different things to do in this series new to Netflix.

“In her seriously snarky new four-film documentary series, Chelsea Handler looks at marriage, racism, Silicon Valley and drugs,” Forbes reports. If the clip above is any indication, this show will have audiences laughing and cringing until they are able to leave their homes and return to a normal (and snow-free) life.

003 Have Cabin Fever? Here's What's New To Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime
When the Winter Storm Jonas started, The New York Times put out its list of “Academy Award-Nominated Documentaries,” which includes the film What Happened, Miss Simone? Check out the paper’s synopsis.

“This year’s Academy Award nominations have been criticized for ignoring black actors, films about minorities and the work of female directors. This documentary about the high priestess of soul, directed by Liz Garbus, is one of the few examples of the Oscars being neither too white nor male.”

In addition to Miss Simone, The Times also highlighted another documentary series new to Netflix,4 but already generating buzz both for and against the focus of the series. The 10-part documentary Making a Murderer chronicles the life of Steven Avery, a man who had been cleared of rape charges after 18 years of prison only to be arrested two years later for murder.

“Have you seriously not watched this yet? What have you been doing with your nights? Everyone has an opinion about this series,” The Times said.


While many readers may only care about what’s new to Netflix, a growing number of cord-cutters are subscribers to multiple streaming services including Hulu. Vulture compiled an extensive list of new releases to Hulu. Check out some of the new TV offerings this month.

Street Outlaws (Season 4), Sisters Wives (Seasons 4-5), Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry? (Season 5), Survivorman (Season 5), The Kennedy Detail (Season 1), My Five Wives (Season 2), Bordertown (Series Premiere), The Biggest Loser (Season 17), It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Season 10), The Bachelor (Season 20), and new episodes of Saturday Night Live.

Additionally, many new movies came to the streaming service. The movies include Mission: Impossible, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Footloose, I.Q., Stigmata, Sleeping Beauty, and Hot Tub Time Machine 2.

Have Cabin Fever? Here's What's New To Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime

Several new movies are coming to Amazon Prime and Vulture has a look at the new releases. First up is Dazed and Confused.

“Everyone from Matthew McConaughey to Parker Posey to Ben Affleck pops up in Richard Linklater’s feel-good favorite about the last day of high school in small-town Texas. Nostalgia for the ’70s, for childhood, for good music: It’s all here,” Vulture reports.

Margin Call, the first season of Mad Dogs, the 2014 remake of Annie, Miracle on 34th Street, The Da Vinci Code, An Affair to Remember, and Serpico are all new additions to the Amazon Prime library.

What have you done to survive Blizzard 2016? Have you found other series new to Netflix? Played board games and spent time with family? Tell us in the comments section below.

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