'Bachelor' Ben Higgins Spoilers Week 4: Olivia Has A Meltdown, Twins Suffer Heartbreak In Vegas

Ben Higgins continues his journey to find love when Week 4 of The Bachelor airs on Monday, January 25. Ben will travel to Las Vegas with his 14 remaining girls this week and his schedule will be jam-packed with dates including two one-on-one dates, a group date, and a two-on-one date with the Ferguson twins.

With just seven weeks until the season finale, Ben is beginning to eliminate the ladies he doesn't see a future with. On Monday night, he will send three girls home, and two girls will be completely shocked that he let them go.

The fourth episode is one that could spark some big-time jealousy, especially when it comes to 22-year-old twins Haley and Emily Ferguson. Fortunately, it appears that the other girls in the house like the twins, but when they get picked to go on two dates on one episode the other girls may complain.

According to ABC's previews, not only will Haley and Emily get to go on the group date with ten other girls, they will also get picked for a special two-on-one date with Ben. The Ferguson twins live in Las Vegas, so Ben decides to take them out to explore the city and somehow they wind up meeting up with the girls' mother.

Although the twins are lucky enough to score two dates in Vegas with Ben, it doesn't end well for one of them. According to Reality Steve's spoilers, Ben doesn't wait for the rose ceremony to let one of the girls go — he eliminates Haley at the end of the date and keeps Emily for at least another week.

Olivia Caridi is once again picked for a group date and not a one-on-one, something that may be the reason behind the panic attack she is shown having in the video below. The 23-year-old news anchor started calling herself "Mrs. Higgins" shortly after she got the first impression rose on the season premiere and appears she has high expectations of winning the final rose.

In addition Olivia, 11 other girls will be on a talent show group date with Ben. Showing off their talent (or lack of) on the Terry Fator are Olivia, Amber, Jen, Leah, Lauren H., Rachel, Lauren B., Amanda, Jubilee, Caila, Haley, and Emily. Lauren B. is rumored to get the group date rose — that won't go over well with Olivia.

Ben is a busy guy this week — in addition to the group date and the two-on-one, he will have two one-on-one dates, and both will end with a rose. JoJo Fletcher, rumored to be one of Ben's final three picks, will get some alone time with Ben. Although it appears that she was almost blown off a rooftop trying to get on a helicopter, their date ends well with fireworks and a rose.

According to WetPaint, Becca Tilley gets a one-on-one date with Ben, and the date card comes with a wedding dress. Instead of a fake wedding, it turns out that Ben and Becca will officiate a wedding for another couple, but their date won't be without a little romance. Ben will give Becca a rose, and they will share their first kiss.

Bachelor Ben Higgins Becca Tilley
Ben and Becca enjoy a wedding-themed date in Vegas [Ronda Churchill/ABC Television Group]With Haley Ferguson eliminated on the two-on-one date and three girls safe for another week (Becca, JoJo, Lauren B.), Ben will eliminate two girls at the rose ceremony (Amber James and Rachel Tchen).

Ten girls will travel to Mexico City next week where two more girls will be eliminated. See the travel itinerary here along with the weekly episode schedule for the rest of Ben's season.

Watch the Bachelor on Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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