Track Palin, Anthony Hill's PTSD And Combat Record Compared By Black Lives Matter Supporters: Sarah A 'Liar'?

Patrick Frye

Sarah Palin's son, Track Palin, is not a very popular figure on social media right now. Recently, Track was arrested by police for drunken domestic violence because he punched his 22-year-old girlfriend in the face and kicked her in the knee after discovering she had communicated with an ex-boyfriend. The girlfriend fought back, delivering an elbow to one eye, but Track responded by threatening her with an unloaded AR-15. Police found Track's girlfriend cowering under a bed after he turned the gun on himself, cocked it, and threatened to commit suicide.

— Mike Pesca (@pescami) January 21, 2016

"I guess it's kind of the elephant in the room — because my own family, going through what we're going through today with my son, a combat vet having served in a Stryker brigade fighting for you all, America, in the war zone. It's a shame that our military personnel even have to question, have to wonder if they're respected anymore. It starts from the top … the question, though, that comes from our own president where they have to look at him and wonder, 'Do you know what we go through? Do you know what we're trying to do to secure America and to secure the freedoms that have been bequeathed us?'"


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Sarah Palin's Son Track Arrested For Drunken Domestic Violence With A Gun

— Alan Colmes (@AlanColmes) January 24, 2016

— Elsa Lion (@ElsaLion2) January 21, 2016

"Speaking as a combat vet who literally slept in the same barracks as Track Palin, his mother is wrong and her son is not a victim," he claimed. "All I'll say in fairness to him is that his mother claimed he was a combat vet, not him."

Two days later, Kirell also complained on Twitter how Sarah had started a "debate over PTSD."

"It's a shame that this debate over PTSD had to get started by Sarah Palin. Nothing good has ever come from paying attention to her," he wrote. "I would be more upset if someone respected said something like that. With Palin it's like....'yeah, but we all know she's crazy.'"

— Pat Bagley (@Patbagley) January 20, 2016

Some believe the two make a good comparison based upon suffering from PTSD. Hill's friends said the veteran suffered from nightmares, while Sarah claims Track's violent action can be traced back to his tour of duty.

Others are also making the comparison based upon race. In a political cartoon, Pat Bagley of the Salt Lake Tribune asked if Hill would be "dead if he'd been white," and whether Track would have survived his arrest if he had been black.

— Pat Bagley (@Patbagley) January 23, 2016

— Nate Bethea (@inthesedeserts) January 21, 2016