Josh Duggar’s Wife Pens Heartfelt Thank You To Fans While Danica Dillon Tells All About Josh In ‘Hustler’ [Video]

In a statement released on the Duggar family blog, Josh Duggar’s wife, Anna, claims that 2015 has been the toughest year of her life, and thanks friends and fans for the concern about her well-being. Her statement comes just days after Danica Dillon was featured in a Hustler magazine tell-all about her sexual encounters with Josh Duggar.

In her statement, Anna Duggar revealed that it’s “actually humbling and touching” how many people have contacted her about her health since finding out Josh had been cheating on her and since Josh was shipped off to faith-based rehab in Rockford, Illinois. Anna confirmed that she spent time with Josh over Christmas, visiting him at the rehab facility, and confessed that throughout all the drama, her faith has strengthened, and has even become “more precious to me” because of the trials she has had to endure.


Anna concluded the brief statement by thanking everyone for their concern and asking them to “continue to pray for me, Josh and our children.” Rumors have begun circulating that Anna is pregnant again, this time with baby number five, just months after her fourth child, Meredith Grace, was born. Although Anna has not confirmed the rumors, there’s some speculation Josh was kicked out of rehab over it.

Her statement comes just days after Josh and his attorneys were in a Pennsylvania courtroom, defending Josh Duggar in the $500,000 lawsuit porn star Danica Dillon filed against him. Dillon, who has starred in 128 adult films, recently was on the cover of Hustler magazine, where she revealed in detail her alleged violent sexual encounters with Duggar.

Explaining in detail that she, at times, was choked and forced to endure humiliating acts, Danica complained that Josh choked her, called her “worthless,” and, after allegedly buying $600 in lap dances, asked her back to a hotel room. In the hotel, Duggar immediately ordered her to “[g]et undressed. Get on your knees.”


In the Hustler article, Danica revealed that Josh Duggar did not set off any red flags, and she actually had no idea who he was. Although Dillon claims that Josh did not choke her, he still allegedly blocked her airways at times, causing the adult film star to wonder if “he’s done this to me, how many other girls has he done this to?”

In the article, Danica then queried “[h]as he murdered anybody?” Confessing that their time together lasted an hour and a half, Dillon characterized the encounter as “terrifying” and claimed, at the time, she had no idea who she had just slept with.

Despite what happened during their first sexual encounter, Dillon asserts that after Josh talked to her at an event, she agreed to return to a hotel room with him a second time. The stripper said in the interview that Josh apologized, and told her “I know that you are uneasy around me and I know that I was rough with you last time but I get it.” In the article, the stripper explained that Josh told her “[y]ou’re an actress and just because you do that in your movies doesn’t mean that you like to do that stuff in your personal life.”


The article comes, interestingly enough, at the same time that Dillon’s own sister claims the adult film actress “stalked” Josh Duggar for months before meeting him. Speaking to Radar Online, Danica’s sister, Mariah Stamm, confirmed that prior to meeting Josh Duggar, her sister knew his every move and “stalked” him on Twitter.

According to court documents, although Dillon has filed the $500,000 lawsuit against Josh Duggar and claims to have photographic evidence of their tryst, lawyers for the stripper failed to produce any substantive evidence at the pre-trial hearing.

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