‘Hottest Woman’ Samantha Brick is Back, Encouraging Women to Abuse Husbands and Boyfriends

Ugh, Samantha Brick.

You may remember Samantha Brick as the rather plain and unremarkable woman whose Daily Mail column went viral earlier this year after she proclaimed — quite loudly and without evidence — that her hotness affects not only men, but seething masses of jealousy-inflamed women that envy her free champagne and other perks, simply because she is so hot.

Samantha Brick’s story was irritating precisely because of that — no women really mind too much whether another woman has self-esteem so much as it pisses the rest of us off when we’re portrayed as catty, puerile creatures that feel deprived because men are allegedly eyeing up Samantha Brick and showering her with concessions and freebies. It’s a very, very thinly veiled bit of misogyny that sets the whole lot of us back so women like Samantha Brick can grab themselves a few cheap self-esteem points.

So Samantha Brick is incredibly self-assured, right? Except… she admits that she regularly monitors her husband’s personal communications to ensure that some of those jealous, less hot women aren’t stealing him away from her. Brick explains:

“The flirting options are endless: a ‘poke’ on Facebook, a suggestive re-tweet on Twitter, a saucy message on email or text… It’s not that I don’t trust my husband, Pascal — I do. I just don’t trust other women.”

Which would be totally normal except not, because violating your partner’s personal privacy is something only crazy people do and it’s totally grounds for being dumped.

Part of the problem here is that Samantha Brick not only totally ignores her own horrible (and apparently unjustified, since her husband, prize that he is, doesn’t even know how to send a text) behavior, she tries to excuse and even encourage abusive actions.

Because think about it — if this article was written by a man, encouraging other men to read their wives’ and girlfriends’ texts and emails to make sure she’s not carrying on behind his back? He’d be vilified by every feminist blog in the blogosphere for being an abusive, misogynist bastard, and rightly so.

You can read Samantha Brick’s newest (and most newly awful) column over at the Daily Mail.