Drake, Lil Wayne’s Raunchy Pool Party In French Montana’s “Pop That” [Video]

Drake bounced back from his club brawl with Chris Brown pretty handily, and it looks like the rapper is enjoying himself at a NSFW pool party in a new music video for a collab track titled “Pop That” with fellow rappers Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, and French Montana.

Rappers, pool party, a product placement. Seems like much ado about nothing in the hip hop world, and the video for the new single comes complete with, what else? Scantily clad babes. Each artist is of course pushing product, notes the Huffington Post – Rozay rides hard for Ciroc, Lil Wayne name-dropping his own clothing line, TRUKFIT, and someone is seen smoking hookah out of a bottle of Moet.

Drake is also changing things up with regard to style, sporting a pair of glasses worn in the video to “No Lie”, which might replace sweaters as the singer’s new “thing,” notes Kia Makarechi of HuffPo.

The song’s refrain is also recycled material. Luke (Live Crew’s Luther Campbell) used it in a song called “I Wanna Rock (Doo Doo Brown)” in 1991 in a much raunchier video. Lil Scrappy used it as well in a song called “Don’t Stop (Pop That P***y)” and French electro legend Busy P sampled Luke’s version in “Chop Suey.”

YouTube reactions have been varied, as one might come to expect from highly opinionated internet users. One comment summed up the negative reactions pretty handily, saying, “SMH, I hate my fcking Generation.”

The song “Pop That” is technically French Montana’s, a single from his upcoming album Excuse My French. You can watch the video below, but be warned. You might want to do a fox-hole peep outside your cubicle to make sure no tattle-tales or superiors are making the rounds with a cup of stale coffee in hand. The video doesn’t have any nudity, but it’s definitely NSFW.