Did Julianna Margulies Just Confirm The End Of ‘The Good Wife’?

The Good Wife star Julianna Margulies may have just changed Sunday nights for millions of people around the country.

Rumors began to swirl about CBS’s show hit show coming to an end after the network announced that creators Robert and Michelle King would be departing at the end of its current season.

“The bottom line is CBS is trying to make deals for an eighth season, so we would be there in a supervisory role, but the storytelling we have will finish in the seventh year,” Robert King said in a statement to TVLine. “That doesn’t mean we’re putting Alicia in her grave, because you couldn’t do an eighth season after that. But to our minds, we have always written with the idea we could end this season a certain way so that it would make it a satisfactory [conclusion to the] series.”

Now, star Julianna Margulies may have just confirmed a rumor that the show will not be continuing without the Kings.

According to Vulture, Julianna let the cat out of the bag during a speech to honor the Kings at the Casting Society of America Artio’s Awards by telling the audience that when April arrives, she will be out of a job.

“I surprised Robert and Michelle tonight… They didn’t know I was going to be here. They think I’m here for them, but I’m unemployed come April, and I think you haven’t seen me in a while — at least not in person — so I thought I should show up.”

And with the Kings already announcing their departure from the show after this season, many wonder if the show can continue without Alicia Florrick (Margulies).

The cast of 'The Good Wife.' [Image via CBS]

But fans should hold off on hitting the panic button just yet. According to Variety, sources told them that the actress was only joking when giving that bombshell of a speech, and that no decision has been made yet about the shows future.

Nevertheless, questions about the future of the show were asked earlier this month when Glenn Geller, CBS programming chief, confirmed that the Kings would, in fact, be done after this season, but he remained steadfast in his belief that the show could go on without them.

“The show could absolutely continue even if The Kings were not running it,” Geller said. “We have a deep bench on the show. Some of the writers have been there from the beginning. We haven’t made any determination. It’s just January, so we haven’t determined if there will be another season or not,” Geller said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

“[The Kings] have an arc planned every year. They pitch us, ‘This is what the season’s going to be about.’ We haven’t really discussed beyond this what the series would look like, what next season could be, because they’ve said this is the last year we’re going to be on the show. It can certainly go on. I think you can see every year the producers are able to reinvent what the show looks like. They add characters, some go away, some come on. This show looks very different than it did just three years ago, and it’s still a fantastic show.”

But while that may seem like good news for fans, the show has already lost two original stars. Josh Charles (Will Gardner) left the show after 5 seasons and Kalinda Sharma (Archie Panjabi) exited shortly after at the end of Season 6.

Josh Charles on 'The Good Wife.' [Image via CBS]

And with those two already missing from in front of the camera, it makes it that much more difficult to imagine The Good Wife continuing without its true Good Wife, Alicia Florrick.

The Good Wife is currently in its seventh season on CBS.

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