Making A Murderer: Steven Avery’s New Attorney Tweets That He Was ‘Framed’ — ‘Won’t Quit Until He’s Out’

Making a Murderer has taken the world by storm and has led to new interest in the Steven Avery case. Avery’s new lawyer, Kathleen Zellner, stoked that fire recently when she tweeted how she was convinced the Wisconsin man was framed for the 2005 murder of Teresa Halbach, Us Weekly reports.

Another visit to Steven Avery. 38 boxes of files reviewed. He remains innocent & framed. #MakingAMurderer

— Kathleen Zellner (@ZellnerLaw) January 20, 2016

Zellners series of tweets even offered some new fodder for all of the binge-watchers who have been discussing Making a Murderer theories since the series premiered on Netflix.

Also body was not burned in burn pit bc heat would have burned down Avery’s garage. A lot of junk science at the junkyard. #MakingAMurderer

— Kathleen Zellner (@ZellnerLaw) January 21, 2016

Yesterday: in bedroom where key was “found.” Room is so small could not have missed unless they searched w/eyes closed. #MakingAMurderer

— Kathleen Zellner (@ZellnerLaw) January 21, 2016

If you’re unfamiliar with the Making a Murderer case, Steven Avery is a Wisconsin man who was convicted on rape charges in the 1980s. Throughout the investigation and trial, Avery maintained his innocence and claimed that the law enforcement in his county had framed him. He spent 18 years in prison on the charge, only to be released in 2003 when a new analysis of DNA evidence exonerated him.

Two years later though, he was back in legal hot water again when he was accused of murdering Teresa Halbach, a photographer for Auto Trader Magazine. The authorities claim that Steven Avery was the last person to, as the Netflix docu-series showed us, her vehicle was found on the Avery property. Hallbach’s burnt remains were also found near Steven Avery’s home.

Steven Avery was convicted of the murder and was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole. His nephew, Brendan Dassey was convicted as an accessory to the crime and was sentenced to life with the possibility of parole in 2048.

The Making a Murderer episodes chronicles Avery’s battle with law enforcement and the courts from the 1980s to the present day.

Kathleen Henley, Avery’s new attorney previously indicated that there was new evidence in the case that could vacate his conviction for the Teresa Halbach murder.

“We are continuing to examine every aspect of Mr. Avery’s case and all of his legal options,” Zellner told the Wrap earlier in January. “We are confident Mr. Avery’s conviction will be vacated when we present the new evidence and results of our work to the appropriate court.”

Dean Strang, the attorney who represented Steven Avery during the murder trial has also gone on record to say that there’s new evidence that could free his former client. All of this stems from Making a Murderer being on Netflix, Strang said in his interview with the Wrap. There are, according to Strang, “leads, ideas [and] possibilities that have arrived in a mass from emails and calls since the film came out.”

Now the question on everyone’s lips is, will there be a Making A Murderer Season 2? Unfortunately for the series’ fans, that answers is probably going to be no.

As this article on ScreenCrush notes, the first season of Making a Murderer comprised 700 hours of footage collected over a 10-year period. Also, despite new claims from Avery’s attorney about new evidence, the case is pretty much settled for now.

During the recent TCA press tour. Netflix boss, Ted Sarandos, confirmed that a Making a Murderer Season 2 is probably not going to happen.

“There’s no idea for a second season, there’s no pitch for a second season; we’re not talking about a second season,” he said.

That statement probably didn’t do down well with the Making a Murderer subreddit.

He did acknowledge that the show is part of the cultural zeitgeist now and that concern about it isn’t going away anytime soon.

“So if Nancy Grace wants to make a lot of talk about it, it’s because her audience is talking about the show and she knows it. They’re very smart about what’s in their zeitgeist and that’s why they’re talking about it.”

But if you still want to continue to play detective and keep creating Making A Murderer theories, your best bet right now will be to watch Season 1 on Netflix over and over and over again.

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