New ‘Scream Queens’ Season Has One Direction, Celebrity Rumors

The FOX television show Scream Queens has been renewed for a second season, and now a celebrity showdown has begun to see who will be featured in the show. While the show claims that they have not yet announced any new actors for season two of Scream Queens, rumors say that One Direction or Taylor Swift could be guests — among others.

In season one of Scream Queens, celebrities from the music and entertainment world appeared throughout the episodes in cameos. However, some celebrities were getting their first chance to show off their acting skills, according to MTV.

Ryan Murphy makes season 2 of Scream Queens unpredictable as the executive producer.

Musician Nick Jonas was also a regular on Scream Queens, and it looks like he will not be the only celebrity musician appearing in season two — if rumors can be believed.

The news that Scream Queens was renewed appeared on January 15. According to Variety, the ratings for Scream Queens was not where FOX wanted them to be, but “Fox TV Group chiefs Gary Newman and Dana Walden used Scream Queens as a case study for sketching out the increasingly complex landscape of television ratings.”

On their website, FOX stated “Casting to be announced at a later date.”

Nevertheless, the list of celebrities that want to make an appearance on Scream Queens in 2016 keeps growing.

For instance, Gossip Cop claimed on January 22, that Gwyneth Paltrow is “furious” that Julia Roberts allegedly landed a role on Scream Queens. They also claim this rivalry between Julia Roberts and Gwyneth Paltrow goes back over 20 years before Scream Queens to their 1998 Shakespeare in Love days.

Adding to the intrigue, on January 23, Design Trend stated that Taylor Swift wanted to add her name to the Scream Queens credits.

That could get complicated because Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriend, Harry Styles, may also make a cameo appearance in the next Scream Queens season. Lea Michele leaked the possibility of Harry Styles being on season two of Scream Queens around December 23, 2015, in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

Could there be a plot twist involving Taylor Swift murdering Harry Styles or the other members of One Direction in the next Scream Queens season?

One of the possible rumors about Scream Queens that could include four male cast members like One Direction was presented by E! Online on January 20.

“… Scream Queens will be adding four new male cast members, who will all play doctors, in season two. These actors will be in their late 20s, early 30s, and the casting search is currently underway. Based on the big names Ryan Murphy scored in the show’s first season, you can also safely assume that most if not all of these new cast members’ names will be known.”

Naturally, making predictions about season two of Scream Queens could be difficult because Scream Queens is meant to be incalculable by nature.

The cast for Scream Queens season two is unpredictable

For instance, Nick Jonas said in an interview around January 23, that the executive producer of Scream Queens, Ryan Murphy, is notorious for being unpredictable, according to The Wrap. In other words, it is speculated that fans of Scream Queens might be seeing more of his American Horror Story side in season two.

Entertainment Weekly emphasized the interesting nature of Ryan Murphy’s ability to combine horror and comedy in twisted ways by describing season two of Scream Queens as being part of a medical setting and stated the following.

“The medical is an incredibly rich area to tell stories in. Ryan [Murphy] has always loved the medical area. Nip/Tuck was a show he really enjoyed the creative on. It seemed like a great, broad area.”

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