‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Little Jake’s Bizarre Behavior Continues, Lashes Out, And Attacks Sam And Danny?

General Hospital spoilers tease that Jason Morgan (Billy Miller) and Liz Webber’s (Elizabeth Herbst) son, Jake (James Nigbor), could do something unexpected and hurt people close to his father. Jake’s behavior has been increasingly erratic and strange and recently has shown signs that he could be capable of severely injuring Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Danny Morgan. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Liz is aware that her son is not quite well and is ready to face whatever is wrong with the lad.

We Love Soaps reported that Jake will have a terrible reaction to Jason’s decision. General Hospital spoilers tease the news may have something to do with Jason’s memories with Sam returning, and falling in love with her. Last week’s promo stated that Jason will give love another chance with Sam, and if (and when) that happens, Jake will act out in a harsh way.

General Hospital has shown Jake’s bizarre behavior since he returned several months ago. Until recently, Liz wasn’t ready to embrace that something could be wrong with her son. Liz was so happy to have her son back that she didn’t want to question his mental stability. General Hospital spoilers tease that Liz is now ready to explore the possibility that her son is damaged from his time away from her. At this point, she wants to know if he is a danger to the family, as his behavior has become pretty odd.

On Friday, January 29, Liz takes Jake to see Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) for an art therapy session. Franco tells Liz something concerning about the child, and General Hospital spoilers state it is surrounding a drama Jake drew for Franco. Apparently, the lad drew a picture of he, Liz, Jason, and he was standing over a stabbed Sam and Danny, holding a knife with blood on it. The drawing gave Franco the creeps, and he issued Liz a warning — be careful around Sam with Jake as he is capable of anything right now.


It is possible that Liz will not listen to Franco’s advice considering he is a reformed serial killer. It would be in her best interest to listen to him; not only for her safety, but for Sam and little Jake. Liz was hesitant to bring Jake to see Franco considering his past; however, ultimately his past is the reason she decided to get his opinion. Will Liz listen and take his warning to heart?

Celeb Dirty Laundry suggested that Sam and Liz will bury the hatchet to collaborate and figure out what is wrong with little Jake. Sam and Liz have no other choice but get along since they are both mother to Jason’s children. Even though Sam doesn’t want Jason to be romantically involved with Liz, she genuinely cares for little Jake. Sam wants to know what is wrong with him, and most of all, why, since returning from Helena Cassadine’s, has he exhibited such bizarre behavior.

General Hospital spoilers state there is no way to know what Jake is capable of until he acts upon his impulses in the next couple weeks. Jake was being held captive by Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers) and could have been taught to torture someone in any number of ways. The spoilers suggested that Jake will do something that is completely shocking and places Sam’s life in danger. Of course, if Sam is in danger, Jason will come to her rescue.

General Hospital spoilers stated that Jason and Liz will be utterly shocked and confused by Jake’s mental stability, and they conflict about what to do for the boy. Is it possible Jake is headed for a mental institution? Will he try to kill Sam and Danny to preserve his family unit?

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