Richard Paul White: ID’s ‘Evil Lives Here’ Tells Story Of Sister Of Colorado Serial Killer Who Buried Victims In Backyard

Richard Paul White, the Colorado serial killer who buried two people in his yard over a decade ago, will have his story told by his sister on the next episode of Evil Lives Here, a new crime documentary series that debuted last week on Investigation Discovery, according to TV Ruckus. Evil Lives Here is an hour-long television series that holds interviews with the family members of those who’ve committed acts of murder. The show is quite different from most of Investigation Discovery’s program line-up. On Sunday night’s episode entitled “My Brother’s Secret,” Investigation Discovery viewers will learn that serial killer Richard Paul White murdered at least five people in Denver, Colorado. Four of his victims were Annaletia Maria Gonzales, Victoria Lyn Turpin, Torrey Marie Foster, and Jason Reichardt. For his atrocities, he was sentenced to three life terms in a Colorado correctional facility.

Not much is known about the female victims, and not many articles were written about them at the time that they disappeared back in 2002. One thing is certain: the 6-foot-tall, red-haired man must have looked like the devil to them as they took their last breath. Annaletia, whose father called her Angel, never got over her death. And he never got over hearing how his daughter was found strangled to death inside of a plastic bag.

Friends who remember Jason Reichardt say that he was a nice guy who did nothing but work hard and come home to have a few beers. He was an easygoing man — the type that anyone would like to hang around, according to the Denver Post. Reichardt was a former coworker and friend of Richard Paul White. Over the years, they had reconnected again, and seeing that Richard Paul White seemed to be struggling in life, Jason Reichardt offered to help him, and it cost him his life.

Reichardt’s body was found in 2003 by his supervisor who went to Richard Paul White’s home to check on him, according to an old 2003 article in the Denver Post. A manhunt ensued for Richard Paul White. When police finally found him, he told them that he killed his friend accidentally.

Then, he admitted to killing five prostitutes in Colorado from the late 1990s to 2002. He showed police where two of the bodies were buried. The women were identified as 27-year-old Annaletia Maria Gonzales and 32-year-old Victoria Lyn Turpin. The bodies were found buried in shallow graves at 2885 Albion Street in Denver. White also admitted to killing 25-year-old Torrey Marie Foster, according to the Denver Post.

The other bodies were scattered around all over the Colorado area. In exchange for telling police where some of the bodies were buried, he was able to escape the death penalty. According to the Ron Franscell’s book, The Crime Buff’s Guide To The Outlaw Rocky Mountains, serial killer Richard Paul White said he cried with his victims just before killing them. He also explained that he was not a “remoreseless jerk.”

Richard Paul White’s father stated after the trial that he still loved his son very much and was sorry for the victims’ families, according to the Denver Channel.

“My son is not sane. I love him very much. I love him more than I can say. He’s my best friend. But when these things were happening, he was delusional. He believes things that were not true.”

When he was arrested, not only did it devastate the victims’ families, but it also left his own family in turmoil, according to his sister, who stated that he doted on her and was like a father figure to her. In the show Evil Lives Here on Investigation Discovery, she will recount how her brother often took her on fishing trips and made sure that she got her homework done. She’ll also detail how much her own life fell apart after he left.

Some believe that hearing from the killer’s families is unnecessary, and that it could cause some to sympathize with the killer when more attention should be paid to the victims. For others, the show gives an interesting and unique view of how the killer interacted with members of their own families. Many of the families will come across as regular or normal families, which makes the viewer wonder what went wrong in their lives to incite these killers to commit such heinous crimes.

To hear the perspective of Richard Paul White’s sister, be sure to watch Evil Lives Here on Investigation Discovery at 10/9 central.

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