'NCIS' Spoilers - Is Ziva David Alive? Will She Ever Actually Appear Again On Screen For Her Huge Return?

For years, fans of NCIS have had to deal with the death of special agent Ziva David and knowing nothing more than she died in an explosion in Israel. Earlier this month, though, a Super Bowl TV spot teased that something related to Ziva would help the current team in an upcoming episode. On Tuesday night, much more was revealed as to Ziva's past and even possibly her present-day situation, but will she ever be seen again?

Please note that from this point forward, there will be spoilers for NCIS and what has happened in recent episodes. If you are not totally caught up with all episodes, you will want to stop reading now or you'll find out a lot more than you want to.

Back in 2013, Cote de Pablo suddenly and abruptly announced that she would be leaving NCIS and no longer be a part of CBS's hit show. She said that it was "personal" as to why she was leaving and never really revealed much more than that.

Still, she also stated in numerous interviews that the character of Ziva David wasn't killed off and that she could return one day to NCIS. Despite the fact that word was passed to the team Ziva was killed in an explosion, it appears as if nothing is quite as it seems.

The episode of NCIS that aired on Tuesday, February 12, was titled "She," and fans weren't entirely sure what was coming. Throughout the episode, there were hints and throwbacks to Ziva with clues that she left behind which may have helped the team solve an old case.

As the team continued to go through old papers and things dealing with the rules of Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Bishop searched even deeper. While trying to figure things out, Bishop picks up an old journal which now has a piece of paper torn out of it and it hadn't been before.

Bishop heads into Ziva's office and notices something strange when it isn't locked up tight and other things catch her eye. Her coat and scarf are no longer hanging up, but they are laid out across a chair. When she picks up her coat, there is a note left for her and it could only be left by one person - Ziva.

As revealed by this note, Ziva David is indeed alive, but will she actually be seen on NCIS again? Why is she back? Why did she fake her death? Why did she officially disappear at all? There are so many questions, but it is obvious that CBS and the showrunners of NCIS are incredibly smart.

TV Line revealed that Tuesday night's episode of NCIS drew its second-highest rating this season and its biggest since May 8, 2018. Fans are now wondering if Ziva David is going to remain hiding in the shadows or if Cote de Pablo will actually return to reprise her role in the long-lost character. Either way, you can be sure that bigger audiences will continue to tune in on Tuesday nights and see if she comes back.