93-Year-Old Woman Uses Cane To Escape Car Wreck

An elderly California woman was trapped in her wrecked vehicle at the bottom of an embankment for 11 hours before she decided enough was enough and escaped the wreck using her walking cane.

Genevieve Couch will be 94 in a month, but she’s still in robust health as she managed to survive a situation most would consider unbearable. The Marysville woman lost control of her vehicle Friday, sliding down a hill at least 50 feet below the highway. “My wheels started jerking,” she told Sacramento affiliate FOX40, “and I lost control of the car. Went across the road, down an embankment, and bingo, that’s it.”

She was trapped in her car for 11 hours in sweltering summer heat, but luckily only suffered superficial wounds in the wreck, reports NY Daily. “I wasn’t scared,
she said. “I was just dying for a drink of water. I couldn’t even find a piece of candy or a piece of gum in my car.”

Because her car had landed in a thick patch of overgrowth, bushes blocked the doors and she was unable to escape. “All I did was (say), please God, someone find me before dark,” she said. Ultimately, enough was enough and Couch rolled down the windows in her car in order to cut down the surrounding brush with her cane. This effort ultimately got her saved, as a passerby spotted her and called police. They had been searching for her but couldn’t find her since the car was covered in thick brush.

“Well, all I can say is ‘keep your head. Don’t panic,’” she advised. ”Because that’s what’s gonna get you, when you panic.”