Taylor Swift Hints at Big News Announcement

Taylor Swift, who’s known for her not-so-cryptic songs about famous lost loves took to her Facebook to hint at a big announcement, which will more than likely pertain to the release of her new album due out later in the year.

On the social networking site, Swift wrote to her friends and supporters, “Oh hey! I’m writing you from Nashville, where I just sat in a big room with a lot of people and made a lot of decisions about a lot of things happening very soon,” Swift shared in a very personal message to her fans. “And as vague as that sentence was, I think you know what it means. Stuff is about to happen. And I love you more than ever.”

In 2010 the musician received critical praise and a wide range of success for her heart on a sleeve album, “Speak Now”. The words in her note to her fans that read “decisions have been made” might hint that she’s talking about the release date, or maybe her first single off of her new 2012 album.

It was only a few months ago that Swift confirmed she was in the stages of cranking out new music by writing new tunes, and it was said that her label was very satisfied with what she was coming out with. One could only assume what will be the material on the new album if going by the press around Swift’s feud with ex John Mayer, and Swift’s rumored romance with Patrick Schwarzenegger, son of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Who do you think Swift will sing about on her new album?