‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Sean Kanan NOT Fired — CBS Confirmed Deacon Sharpe Has A Hot Storyline Coming

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers teased that soap star Sean Kanan may leave the CBS daytime drama. In fact, the actor retweeted multiple social media posts implying that he was fired or hinted at trouble on the set. B&B fans panicked at the thought that Deacon Sharpe may not be on the show anymore. Rest assured, Bold and the Beautiful fans, CBS confirmed Sean Kanan is not only sticking around on the soap opera, but he has a hot storyline coming in the next few weeks.

Celeb Dirty Laundry posted on Friday that Kanan may be leaving the show after Sean retweeted a series of social media posts asking the soap opera star where Deacon Sharpe has been for the past few weeks. It started after Friday’s Bold and the Beautiful aired. Quinn (Rena Sofer) explained to her on-screen son, Wyatt (Darin Brooks) that she and Deacon were separated. It led fans to believe the show was trimming the cast, and Sean may have been one of the actors that would take one for the team.

Sean Kanan’s fans were angry and upset at the possibility that B&B fired the actor. At first, fans found it strange that they hadn’t seen him in quite awhile, but when Quinn explained his absence with a separation — his fans panicked. As it turned out, Sean will be returning to Bold and the Beautiful in the next few weeks; however, his social media account has his fans worried about his position on the show.

The fan was outraged the show explained his absence with a bogus excuse claiming that he and Quinn were thinking about divorcing — which is a reach in itself. They were happy together, and no one saw any trouble between them. One fan suggested that if he’s not happy at Bold and the Beautiful, maybe Sean could go across the hall and talk to The Young and the Restless?

Soap Central reported that Kanan is not leaving Bold and the Beautiful, and he has a juicy storyline coming in the coming weeks. CBS tried to calm the fans by dispelling the rumor that the actor was fired, and appease the disgruntled fans that Kanan would be appearing on the CBS daytime drama in the next couple weeks.

“Sean Kanan as Deacon Sharpe remains a part of the B&B cast and has some amazing story coming up. Tune in or you’re going to miss some great Deacon moments.”

If Sean Kanan would have told the fans that he was doing other projects and would appear on Bold and the Beautiful in the next couple weeks, the fans would have understood. The part of the controversy was Kanan’s retweets on social media and the speculation that he isn’t being treated well as an actor.

As a fan, you never want to envision your favorite stars unhappy portraying their alter ego, and it looks like Sean is not entirely happy with his role right now. In the past few months, Kanan has taken on other projects in an attempt to brand out. Is it possible the reason he’s branching out more away from the soap industry is related to his retweets and attitude about his role on Bold and the Beautiful?

In the past, Sean Kanan has been vocal about the character of Deacon Sharpe, dubbing it his favorite role — which makes the speculation about his happiness and future at Bold and the Beautiful even more confusing. Let’s hope we all see much more of Deacon Sharpe starting sometime during February sweeps.

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[Photo by Araya Diaz/Getty Images for Unofficially Unlimited, LLC]