Trevor Noah Increases ‘The Daily Show’ Ratings And Angers Conservatives With Obama Appearance

Trevor Noah has started 2016 in damage control mode after his ratings in 2015 were awful. It appears to be working. Rick Porter from Zap2It has the news.

“The Daily Show’s” 0.33 rating in adults 18-49 and 836,000 viewers were up just slightly from the 0.32 and 823,000 in its last week of originals in December.”

While the number of viewers is up just slightly, this is good news for Noah and The Daily Show. Ratings are usually lower in January than they are in December. With the election coming up, Noah’s ratings are bound to increase more.

Trevor Noah Sexism
Trevor Noah has finally increased ratings for 'The Daily Show." [Photo by Andrew Toth /Getty Images Entertainment]

Now that Noah has increased his ratings, he also continues to anger conservatives. Breitbart isn’t too happy that Noah is appearing with Obama at a Democrat retreat next week in Baltimore, Maryland.

Politico reports the 31-year-old South African native will join President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and and party donor Tom Steyer in headlining multiple events throughout this three-day event…As host of The Daily Show, Noah has overseen a dramatic decline in overall ratings since taking over for predecessor Jon Stewart.”

As expected, comments underneath the article weren’t very nice.

“He’ll have to steal a few jokes before he heads over,” says commenter “Warped Stage.”

“Sounds like Trevor got a Booty Call from Barack,” says NaughtyLeprechaun.

However, one commenter thought the story was produced just so the commenters could bash Obama.

“I’m sure somebody thought this was an important story. I can’t imagine why. Is it to invite comments by the deranged Obama haters?” says Patriottt.

The future appearance caused some ruckus on Twitter as well.

Trevor Noah Daily Show
Trevor Noah has been gaining liberal watchers by bashing conservatives. [Photo by Grant Lamos IV/Getty Images]

Meanwhile, earlier this week, Trevor Noah bashed Sarah Palin’s return to the spotlight. Business Insider described a controversial segment from The Daily Show.

“The Comedy Central show opened up Wednesday’s episode by telling the tale of Palin’s rise to prominence, as if it were a horror movie: as John McCain’s running mate in the 2008 election,” the article claimed.

Correspondent Jessica Williams condescendingly described how, for months, Palin roamed the countryside, destroyed the rules of politics and grammar, and other things. The movie segment ended with Williams claiming Palin disappeared and had a couple of failed cable shows. Soon, Trevor Noah took over and tore Palin to pieces. The segment was well received on Twitter.

Trevor Noah recently spoke to Connecticut Mag about his stint on The Daily Show. He says the whole experience has been a roller coaster.

“Sometimes it feels like I’ve been there a week or it feels like I’ve been there for years because it’s a constant learning experience. [I’m working to] build a relationship between myself and the people watching and myself and the people I work with. Two months seems like a long time but in the length of a late night show, it’s just a speck. “

The time leading up to the premiere was an especially hard time for Mr. Noah. He said that it was so crazy because it was such hard work and he barely had time to come up for air. He says that the jokes are the easy part, but finds being factually correct and being fair a bit more difficult. It seems as if Trevor Noah doesn’t have to worry about being factually correct; as long as he keeps biting conservatives, Noah’s audience will love him.

[Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images]