‘Bones’ Cancelled After Season 11? Fox Doubtful Of Season 12 Renewal

Bones may end up getting cancelled after season 11 to the disappointment of fans. FOX co-chairman and CEO Dana Walden recently admitted that they are “doubtful” of the show’s renewal.

According to Buddy TV, the FOX executives have yet to reach a decision on what will happen to Bones after season 11. Walden, however, shared that they may be able to discuss the show’s fate within this week. The FOX CEO also admitted that in the event that Bones get picked up, season 12 will be its final season.

“This is a conversation [about] continuing the series and announcing it as a final season in the 12th season, or whether we wrap it in the 11th.”

The outlet pointed out that things are not looking good for the crime procedural drama. While the cast remains mum about the series’ future, many started to speculate that Bones and Booth’s story is about to come to an end. It also did not help that the release date of Bones season 11 episode 11 remains up in the air.

If Bones ended up getting cancelled after its eleventh season, Walden promised series creator Hart Hanson that they will give them enough time to prepare a meaningful finale. He explained that with the show’s loyal fan base, it was only proper to give them a satisfying ending.

“We don’t want this show limping to an ending. We want to send it out with style and class and the way it wants to be wrapped up.”

Walden also denied claims that the cancellation had something to do with the ongoing dispute among the show’s producers, David Boreanaz (Seeley Booth), Emily Deschanel (Temperance Brennan), and 20th Century FOX over the show’s profit. She, however, admitted that they would not continue Bones without its main cast.

When asked if they have reached a decision, Walden admitted that the issue is “not resolved quite yet.”

In December, TV Line reported that Bones stars David Boreanaz, Emily Deschanel, and the show’s executive producer Kathleen Reichs filed a lawsuit against 21st Century Fox, Fox Entertainment Group, 20th Century Fox Film Corporation and Fox Broadcasting Company.

Boreanaz, Deschanel and Reichs believed that the company owed them “tens of millions of dollars.” They held that while Fox profited more than $100 million from the Bones series, it failed to compensate them fairly. The actors were supposed to receive three percent of the profits, while Reichs was promised 5 percent. The trio claimed that they have not been given satisfactory payment

The lawsuit came days after Bones executive producer Barry Josephson sued Fox for “accounting chicanery.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Josephson claimed that he was “fraudulently threatened” by the FOX executives into accepting a lower licensing fee or else the show would be cancelled.

He said that he was tricked into relenting when he was told that both Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz agreed to accept a lower salary. Josephson claimed that Fox failed to report approximately $20 million in foreign TV licensing fees from Fox.com and Hulu among others.

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In spite of all the controversies surrounding the series, co-chairman and CEO Gay Newman believed that Bones still has the potential to go beyond season 11.

While they still have to make a decision on whether to renew or cancel the series, Newman held that the producers should consider extending Brennan and Booth’s story for the sake of the fans. He explained that there are still several angles that have yet to be explored.

“The characters are so rich that I think if everyone is interested in moving forward, they probably do have the stories to tell,” he explained.

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