Raz B Almost Loses Life in China

Raz B, singer of the defunct group B2K hasn’t been known for his singing as of late, as much as he’s been known for throwing shade at genre rivals like Chris Brown and Marques Houston. Now he’s making headlines by almost dying during a trip to Shanghai, China. The singer was said to be making a trip to China to perform in Shanghai, but instead got a lot more than what he was initially bargaining for.

It is said that Raz B, real name De’Mario Monte Thornton, was rushed to the hospital after the singer fell through a glass window of his hotel room in China. When the singer tried to break his fall through the window, he landed on his wrists, slicing them wide open. The injury was said to be so bad that Raz B lost a considerable amount of blood, and cut right through ligaments, nerves, tendons, right down to the bone of his wrists.

According to an account by Raz B the singer lost so much blood that he passed out on impact when he went through the window. Hotel staff then called an ambulance, and Raz B was said have been rushed to Huashan Hospital Fudan University. Once at the hospital doctors rushed to repair the singer’s mangled wrist which took the team five grueling hours.

After the surgery Raz was said to be released on Monday, and he was forced to canceling his remaining tour dates, at least for now. It is not said how Raz B tripped so hard through the glass window of his hotel, but odds are he’ll tweet about it. The singer has already posted a gruesome photo of his injury tweeting, “MAN…. Cherish life and your loved one’s. You just never know. THANK YOU LORD FOR SAVING MY LIFE.”