After Court Date With Josh Duggar, Danica Dillon Goes Invisible

Under scrutiny for claims against Josh Duggar, Danica Dillon seems to be taking speial care on social media. She's refocusing her posts around work-related topics -- such as photos and quotes from a recent Hustler shoot -- and has closed her Instagram page to public view.

Both parties to the case claim to have irrefutable proof. The young woman, who alleges that Duggar paid her for sex, then choked her and spit in her face, says she has photos that prove she was with Duggar, and medical records that prove he did physical harm. Josh, however, says that he has receipts and other evidence that show he wasn't even in the state at the time.

The big difference between the two, according to The Hollywood Gossip is that as of the January 21st court date, Josh has actually submitted the records he described, and an attorney for Dillon has, instead, filed a request for an extension, to give time to collect the items she has promised to produce.

Now the attorneys for the accused have begun to use Dillon's social media accounts against her -- pointing out in court that if she had time to engage in a variety of travel and entertainment, she should have been able to find time to gather documents.

Of course, there are certainly reasons that one might have difficulty obtaining documents that have nothing to do with one's own time and priority -- photos taken by another party, medical documents, and wage records may all entail asking someone else for a document, and waiting for it to be provided, sometimes by mail.

Still, it looks like Danica may be taking the attack on her social media sharing to heart: she's made her Instagram private.

Josh Duggar: Danica Dillon's Instagram is now private
[Image via Instagram]Well, perhaps "private" isn't the most apt description for an account with over 14,000 followers -- but it's certainly no longer visible to the public, and unless Josh Duggar and his attorneys are among those followers, their access has been cut off.

Less than three weeks ago, Danica seemed confident. She wasn't exactly filling her social media feeds with discussion of the case, but at least once, she acknowledged it, retweeting a fan who called her brave for taking on the eldest Duggar son.

Josh Duggar, Danica Dillon: courage to take it public
[Image via Twitter]However, now Dillon's Twitter account is focusing on work-related matters, such as her shoot with Hustler and discussion of the Adult Video News awards.Danica has not answered questions about why she won't be attending, leaving followers to speculate whether the alleged incidents with Josh Duggar are keeping her home and away from questions, or whether she simply has other obligations to fulfill.

The matter is clearly less of a concern for Dillon's fans and following than it is for the general public -- when Danica promised to answer any questions addressed to her via Hustler, the questions received were definitely oriented around her six years as an adult entertainment star, and not about Josh Duggar.

Documents obtained by TMZ show that Danica has described the meetings as taking place on or around dates including March 12-14, and April 17 and 18, 2015.

A few photos on Josh's Instagram account appear to place him in certain locations, or suggest he was busy or with his family, on some of those days.

The following image, for instance, was posted on April 18, and appears to demonstrate that Duggar was with his family at the time.

Josh DUggar hints he was with family on one date in question
[Image via Instagram]However, the March dates fall during a gap in Duggar's posting, and dates on Instagram represent the date the image was posted -- which isn't evidence that the photo was taken that day.

There's also this on Anna Duggar's Instagram on March 26.

Anna Duggar got roses from Josh shortly after his tryst with Danica Dillon
[Image via Instagram]Okay, giving one's wife flowers or other gifts right after cheating on her is very cliche, but these turning up shortly after Josh's purported secret tryst with (and attack on) Danica Dillon is interesting timing, and certainly has provoked some speculation.
"All guilty husbands send roses after he [redacted] some chick from Ashley Madison."
"You know these were given after he [redacted] another woman? Sorry @annaduggar. You deserve much better."
So, speaking of social media appearances, how does Dillon's timeline fit with the evidence she's she's shared of her own activity?

Well, there is evidence she was at Creekside Cabaret, one of the places she describes meeting Josh Duggar, on the dates named.

However, there's also evidence she was working in the days after -- which may or may not refute claims that she was deprived of income due to the incident.Similarly, her Twitter feed shows that Danica was at work filming a few days after the dates she mentions in March.There are posts indicating that Dillon dealt with medical issues in May, though -- medical issues that could certainly be related to an assault.There are also signs she's struggling with personal issues shortly after, which could certainly be the aftermath of an abusive encounter.However, another series of tweets around the same time indicates that some of the personal issues Dillon is dealing with may be related to her ex-husband, and to issues regarding the custody of her kids. She also alleges, in one tweet, that her husband has been physically abusive.
Josh Duggar, Danica Dillon: Adult star had other problems at the time
[Image via Twitter]Still, none of it is definitive proof. Makeup can cover bruises and marks, and Danica's employment records, when submitted to the court, will tell more about any gaps in her ability to earn income.

Ultimately, the case between Josh Duggar and Danica Dillon appears to still hinge on whether she is able to produce documentation that refutes Josh's evidence.

[Image via Twitter, TLC]