Lake Erie Frozen: Winter Storm Jonas Catches Car In Ice Wave On Great Lakes Snow [Video]

As the East Coast winter storm rages, some have noticed Lake Erie frozen over in interesting ways. Though the ice is only covering about a quarter of the body of water, it's enough for some effects which are catching many an eye.

One of the first things that Winter Storm Jonas captured in the 2016 snow storms was a car, rendering it unusable as the vehicle sat barraged by waves of chilled water from the Great Lake on January 11. This wasn't an act of irresponsibility on the part of New Yorker Justin Yelen, merely parking his 2010 Mitsubishi Lancer where something like this would happen. He had left it in the Hoak's Lakeshore Restaurant parking lot by the lake when he'd gone drinking with some friends, according to ABC News.


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Justin Yelen had discovered the following morning that someone had taken a video showing his car encased from roof to tires, and it had gone viral.

Yelen had tried to retrieve the car the next day, but the icy waters were still pummeling it and made it impossible for him to even try. He eventually had the frozen car taken to a garage to thaw, so it wasn't completely lost to the elements which left Lake Erie frozen. Hoak's Lakeshore Restaurant had received some decorating of its own, the entire deck covered in what had trapped Yelen's car.

The icy weather which had left Lake Erie frozen, also gave plenty of photographers an opportunity to witness nature's own art. The waves on the Great Lake had attacked many stationary objects, covering them in stalactites suspended in interesting angles and shapes. As the arctic winds shift, so do the spectacles, leaving brave photographers the chance to bundle up and brave the elements to capture their own frozen art on camera.

While Lake Erie isn't completely frozen over, the winds blowing over the lake have given those in Cleveland, Ohio, a visual treat. According to KCCI in Des Moines, area naturists are expecting the effect to last until March. If you're in the area, bundle up, stay safe, and if you're feeling brave, snap a picture of nature's frozen beauty and take advantage of the proverbial silver lining provided by Winter Storm Jonas.

Others are taking advantage of the conditions leaving Lake Erie frozen, once again showing that the freezing temperatures can have a bright side. Buffalo News has revealed that with the prevalence of ice on the Great Lake, Winter Storm Jonas has created ideal conditions for the lake's annual ice fishing.

Temperatures in the lake hadn't left it frozen yet when Justin Yelen's car became an ice sculpture, but after last Saturday's unseasonably warm 43 degrees, the cold air dropped in. From Sunday on, the daily highs have remained below freezing, with Monday a mere 18 degrees. Oddly enough, this year the Great Lake isn't as frozen as it was in previous years, only around a quarter compared with almost half.

The NOAA predicts that Lake Erie could remain frozen for another week, depending on winds and temperatures, but after Tuesday's predicted rain it could raise back to the 40s.

[Image via Michael Shake/Shutterstock]