Michael Phelps Goes Shirtless For Details Magazine, Opens Up About Marijuana Possession

International swimming superstar Michael Phelps is approaching what may be his final Olympic Games and as he becomes an “old man” in his sport the world record holding swimmer appears on the surface at least to be growing up.

Phelps appears shirtless on the newest edition of Details Magazine and he sat down with the publication to talk about the games, his diet and his marijuana smoking experience.

Michael Phelps tells Details about his 2012 London Olympic challenges:

“At this point in my career, everybody has caught up. So I’m fine-tuning the little things that add up to make a huge difference.”

While he may be tuning up for the Summer Olympics he admits that counting calories isn’t on his list of worries:

“I don’t count calories. Whether it’s Sour Patch Kids or Reese’s or a bag of chips, if I feel like eating it, I’m going to eat it.”

Hours upon hours of swimming means Phelps burns more calories in a day than most people do in a week which explains his fearless devotion to eating whatever he feels like.

Phelps also took some time to talk about his now infamous 2009 marijuana pipe photo, telling Details “it was a learning experience.” Phelps goes on to say of the marijuana incident:

“I’m the kind of person who has to go through the learning experiences myself. Somebody could tell me, ‘If you eat this much you’ll be fat,’ and I’d be like, ‘Yeah, okay, let me try it.’ I’ll be the first to say I’ve made thousands of mistakes, but I’ve never made the same mistake twice.”

You can read more from Michael Phelps when the August issue of Details Magazine hits newsstands on Wednesday.

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