Louis Tomlinson Looks Anything But The Happy Dad On ‘Shady Pap Walk’

Since July of last year Louis Tomlinson fans have been watching closely after U.K. tabloid the Sun revealed that Louis was expecting a baby with Briana Jungwirth. Somewhat oddly, One Direction star Louis has said almost nothing about Briana or baby Tomlinson. As time went on Louis remained resolutely tight-lipped about the baby. In August, Louis made his 11-word comment on Good Morning America saying he was “buzzing.” To date that is the only comment made by either Louis or Briana about baby Tomlinson.

Yesterday, social media and the printed news, including the Express, went banana’s as it was reported that baby Tomlinson had arrived and that Louis was father to a baby boy. To date neither Louis nor Briana have made any public comment about baby Tomlinson’s arrival. In fact the only real announcement to date is an Instagram comment by someone claiming to be Jungwirth’s grandmother.

Louis Tomlinson Baby [Image via Instagram]As reported by the Inquisitr yesterday, Tomlinson has maintained his public silence. As social media puzzled over the lack of any official announcement of baby Tomlinson’s arrival from Louis’ camp many pointed out that a new dad probably had more important things to do than post comments on social media.

Of course it would seem entirely reasonable that a new dad might have more on his mind than social media. Except that this then happened, Louis went shopping in Sunglass Hut.

Not only was Louis seen entering Sunglass Hut, he left without apparently buying anything.

Celebrity watching site TMZ had a reporters and camera crew on hand to film Louis as he visited the Beverly Hills store. In the video Louis looks anything but a happy dad basking in the glory of the arrival of his newborn son. As Louis walks towards the store he pulls up his left sleeve, possibly to ensure that what appears to be a hospital bracelet on his wrist could be seen.

As Tomlinson enters the store, he joins his friend Oli who was already in the store. Bizarrely Louis then leaves the store and gets back into his limo without Oli. Perhaps Oli stayed behind to carry Louis’ new shades. You have to wonder how TMZ knew that Louis was going to visit a branch of Sunglass Hut. You can imagine a huge number of scenarios where a new dad might need to run to the store for some essential items for baby that had been overlooked. It’s hard to imagine that baby Tomlinson is in need of his first pair of shades.

You have to conclude that TMZ were tipped off as to where Louis would be and that the “pap walk” was designed to ensure that Tomlinson’s hospital bracelet was seen and reported on. It all adds to the confusing picture that has surrounded Tomlinson’s baby story since the beginning.

In any normal situation you would expect Tomlinson to emerge from the hospital and make a short statement to the media. A simple comment saying “I am delighted to have a baby son, mother and baby are fine” would do it. This would also help lay the rumors and speculation to rest once and for all. Instead, some fans are now speculating that by choosing Sunglass Hut Louis is reenacting a scene from Friends, one of his favorite TV shows.

Instead we see what appears to be yet another shady publicity stunt. You really have to wonder who is advising Tomlinson over these matters. If you take a moment to study the video above ask yourself if Louis looks like a happy new father? Many would suggest that he looks anything but happy. Tomlinson looks like a celebrity who has been pushed into a publicity stunt that he really doesn’t want to be involved in. Louis looks like he knows this is a PR stunt people will see straight through.

Many of Louis fans are looking at the emerging story in the way they would a car wreck. You know you shouldn’t look, there is a real risk of seeing something horrible but you just can’t help yourself.

[Photo by Joel Ryan/Invision/AP]