Missy Elliot Sues Illinois Car Dealership For Holding Her Lamborghini Hostage

Rapper Missy Elliot has filed a lawsuit against Illinois car company Fox Valley Motor Cars after the company failed to sell her a 2012 Matte White Lamborghini Aventador.

According to the super producer she agreed to purchase the vehicle for $376,000, that agreement included putting $30,000 down and offering up her 2005 Bentley which still has a street value of $85,000.

In the lawsuit attorneys Singh, Singh & Trauben claim the dealership promised to ship the vehicle by mid-2012 but it simply never arrived. The car seller then claimed that the cost of the Lamborghini had skyrocketed and they would need more money to hand it over, essentially changing the terms of the deal because they felt like it.

Missy Elliot’s lawyers claim Fox Valley Motor Cars demanded way more money for the vehicle.

Should Fox Valley lose the lawsuit they could be stuck handing over the Lamborghini plus damages resulting from a direct breach of contract.

Fox Valley is not returning calls at this time, then again we would expect nothing less for a car dealer.

In the meantime Car and Driver has the vehicle listed at a retail price of $379,700 but a quick look at sale prices for the car online show that it is selling for upwards of $499,500 thanks to high market demand and only a few of the vehicles available for sale.

Perhaps next time Fox Valley Motor Cars should allow themselves to be a little more flexible when it comes to an agreed upon pricing structure for a high end vehicle.