Woman Who Confronted Cat-Callers Now Shaming Half-Naked Men Who Shame Half-Naked Women

Benjamin Simon

You might remember a woman named Lindsey who has been making a series of viral videos of her confronting men on the street who harass her. It turns out Lindsey is still actively fighting against gender inequality, this time by calling out the social media hypocrisy of men who post shirtless photos while shaming women who post shirtless photos.

According to the Huffington Post, Lindsey is a 28-year-old women's rights activist based in Minneapolis who has a new method to illustrate the prevalence of rape culture, or at least the shame that women are made to feel about their bodies. All Lindsey does is take screenshots of social media posts by men who condemn women who post half-naked pictures of themselves online, all while posting their own photos of themselves half-naked.

— Lindsey (@CardsAgstHrsmt) January 16, 2016

— Lindsey (@CardsAgstHrsmt) January 22, 2016

— Lindsey (@CardsAgstHrsmt) January 21, 2016

It may seem as though the half-naked men in Lindsey's posts are sharing shirtless images in the same post that they accuse women of doing the same, but those photos are usually a result of Lindsey digging through the social media archives of whoever publicly condemned women and finding examples of them posting the exact same kind of half-naked photos.

— Lindsey (@CardsAgstHrsmt) January 14, 2016

— Lindsey (@CardsAgstHrsmt) January 14, 2016

— Lindsey (@CardsAgstHrsmt) January 14, 2016

The activist got the idea after enduring multiple arguments between other social media users who believe her ideas regarding rape culture or the double standard are incorrect or exaggerated. In the process of discussing her case with these people, Lindsey frequently discovered that the men she was debating tended to shift the blame of sexism, harassment, or rape to the women -- specifically blaming them for dressing a certain way or posting half-naked photos online. And, according to Lindsey, many of the men who make these kinds of accusations are guilty of the behavior they condemn.

"I generally use Twitter to discuss sexual harassment and sexual violence, and often run up against misogynists trying to redirect the conversation to one about women's bodies and clothing. The prevailing misogynist 'wisdom' is that if women 'dress appropriately' they get respect and if they dress 'inappropriately' they 'invite' whatever disdain, disrespect, or violence they get."

Lindsey also noticed that there is a consistent type of man who tends to make these hypocritical posts on social media, a type she calls "dudebroze."

"I was also struck by how many of the guys espousing this double standard had 'likes' lists overflowing with gifs of porn and images of naked women, meaning their problem isn't actually with nudity or sexuality, but with women and girls celebrating their bodies or sexuality on their own terms," Lindsey said.

According to Refinery29, Lindsey has no shortage of half-naked men criticizing half-naked women, and she intends to post one every single day for an entire year. At that point she feels she will have enough evidence to convince the world that this body-shaming double standard exists.

Do you think Lindsey is onto something in terms of a social media double standard? Do you think it's okay to criticize people for posting half-naked pictures?

(Photo via Twitter)