Whoopi Goldberg: 'I'll Move If Trump Is Elected'

Anna Johansson

According to Whoopi Goldberg, America will no longer be such a great nation if Donald Trump is elected. She shared this opinion Wednesday on The View, where she stars as a co-host.

This is what she said.

"I've always been an American, and this has always been my country, and we've always been able to have discussions. And suddenly now it's turning into, you know, 'not them, not them.' And you know, we have a lot of friends whose parents saw this already. They don't want to relive this. They don't want to relive this. So I need all the candidates to get it together. Get back to American values."

She was primarily referring to Trump's blatant racist attitude. He has said many negative things about basically every race in the United States except those who are white. When he lands under fire, he always comes back and says that it was a joke and that people need to lighten up, but Goldberg says enough is enough.

"People don't like being the butt of the jokes and now that people say, listen, you can't make me the butt of your jokes, I don't like it. You can't use me as some sort of stereotype. I don't like it. That's the PC people are talking about. And the bottom line is this—find a different way to say what you're going to say. People are not going to take it anymore. So if that's what's pisses you off, you're going to stay angry."

She continued to talk about how Trump needs to "stop blaming" the minority races for the problems in the country. She went on a very long-winded rant.

"Listen, he can be whatever party he wants to be. What he can't be is he can't be the guy that says it's your fault stuff isn't working. That's not the president I want. Find a way to make stuff work. Stop blaming everybody because all of this, as American citizens, this is our — we did all of this. We've allowed all this stuff, so we have to fix it. But you can't say, 'Oh, you're Lebanese or you're black or you're Mexican or you're a woman.' Stop blaming everybody. Let's fix the crap. Let's just fix it. If you can fix it, I will listen to what you have to say. The minute you start pointing and saying that person is a rapist and a murderer, it pisses me off because I've been part of that when they just use a blanket statement to talk about black people or when they use a blanket statement to talk about white people or women or any other group. I don't think that's America. I don't want it to be America. Maybe it's time for me to move, you know."

Goldberg also predicted that he can't possibly win because of how many people he has alienated, particularly the Hispanic race. Currently, 17 percent of the population are of Hispanic origin, 13.2 percent are African American, 5 percent are Asian American, and the other five are a combination of races. Together, it makes up approximately 40 percent of the population, which Whoopi Goldberg believes is necessary for Trump to win the national race.

There are also many white Americans who Trump has alienated as well, particularly those in the upper class. He doesn't like their competition, and he wants to tax them mercilessly, making plenty of enemies. As a result, Trump is down in the polls.

In fact, the majority of the GOP candidacy in New Hampshire says they're not a fan of Donald Trump and everything he stands for. According to polls, 68 percent of the state believes that Trump is "unhinged" and can't control his temper. This percentage is largely indicative of several other extremely conservative states.

Leading voices in the conservative party have recently united to stop Donald Trump from winning the election. As revealed on Thursday's episode of The Kelly File on Fox News, some of the voices include Glenn Beck, Erick Erickson, Thomas Sowell, and Katie Pavlich. The group claims that Donald Trump is making them look bad, and they want to take them down.

The story was the feature article for the National Review, the most popular conservative political magazine in the country. It discusses Trump's unpredictable nature, his racist demeanor, and his changes in views according to what he thinks the nation wants to hear. All in all, it calls for the removal of Trump from the GOP party, and ultimately, the political race.

If Trump really is elected as president, it might not cause a mass exodus from the country, but it's more than just Whoopi Goldberg who will be unhappy with that election's result.

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