Bride Gives Birth At Wedding In France

A bride has given birth at a wedding in France, mere minutes after she had finished tying the knot.

The wedding/birth took place at a townhall wedding in western France, leaving the newlyweds with an unexpectedly early wedding gift on their hands; the new mother’s due date was actually July 14. Local mayor Jean-Robert Gachet admitted to AFP that the new arrival had made it more of a “big day” than anticipated. Gachet, the mayor of Jallais, said:

“It did rather shake us up. [The bride was] definitely a bit worn out, but we put that down to the stress of the wedding. I tried to hurry it up a bit so that she didn’t get too tired.”

The 11am ceremony, which took place on Saturday, came very close to being called off. Despite her due date being around a week away, the bride reportedly had several false alarms.

Undeterred, the bride and her groom decided to carry on with the wedding. Just moments after the happy couple had exchanged vows and emerged outside to pose for traditional photos, and with the guests departing for the reception, the bride said she felt unwell and went back into the townhall.

Emergency services were contacted to help her, but her waters had supposedly already broken; at 12.15pm, 75 minutes after getting married, the bride gave birth to a little boy on the spot. Adds Gachet:

“The cry of the new born boy was an emotional moment! It was a first for us and for the emergency services.”

Both mother and child are said to be faring well.

[Image via Shutterstock]