Repair Shop Owner Discovers Car He Purchased May Have Belonged To Adolf Hitler

Auto repair shop owner Zenop Tuncer of Euro Tech Motors was shocked to learn that a vehicle he purchased over the internet for a customer was one used by Adolf Hitler. Zenop discovered the Mercedes-Benz after investigating its storied history.

Speaking of the purchase Zenop said the customer “was surprised” by the discovery.

Tuncer’s car shop specializes in sourcing classic cars and went on the hunt for the Mercedes-Benz 540K for real estate developer Fred Daibes. Instead Tuncer found a 1942 Mercedes 320 Cabriolet D convertible which Daibes agreed to purchase in place of the 540K.

Tuncer said after realizing the vehicle looked like a military car he should have realized there was a chance its history was more than meets the eye.

As Tuncer explains it:

“The color is a flat black, and there are patches covering what would have been a place for the flag post and the siren. It’s definitely for a general.”

Tuncer discovered the vehicles history when he needed a few parts and contacted Mercedes-Benz with the serial number. The company asked him to look for a very small eagle with a swastika next to it, something Tuncer missed at first.

Mercedes-Benz had made eight custom vehicles for the Nazis and as it turned out that particular vehicle was one of those cars.

The car company says they get at least one Adolf Hitler car claim each year and they remain speculative at best regarding the claim.

If the car was actually owned by Adolf Hitler its value could immediately increase.