‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 12 Spoilers: Meredith Brutally Attacked

Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 returns with the midseason premiere in February, and spoilers for the first episode are shocking. Meredith Grey will find herself in a very devastating situation after being brutally beaten inside the hospital by a patient.

According to Wetpaint, Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 will return with a bang. The very emotional episode will focus on main character Meredith Grey as she cares for a patient at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital. The patient, obviously mentally unstable, will become agitated and begin to horrifically beat Meredith inside an exam room.

Grey’s Anatomy fans know that Meredith is a fighter, and she will truly try to defend herself. However, the man is seemingly much bigger and stronger than our favorite TV doctor, and she’ll end up with significant injuries and will be treated by her friends and family at the hospital.

Grey's Anatomy spoilers: Meredith beaten at hospital.

In the promo, Meredith is seen treating the patient, who then starts to get out of his bed. When she insists he returns to the bed, he becomes violent and starts to beat on Meredith. He slams her into the glass door of the supply cabinet.

The Grey’s Anatomy promo then shows only quick flashes of what’s to come. We see Penny calling for help, obviously desperate to save Meredith’s life as she failed to do with her husband Derek Shepherd, Richard revealing that Mer was attacked by a patient, other doctors looking horrified, Amelia crying in a corner, and Alex kissing Meredith’s forehead.

When we see things from Meredith’s point of view, that’s when things get really dramatic. She sees Owen talking to her, but she can’t hear him. She can only hear ringing and becomes agitated herself. The episode is called “The Sound of Silence” and has been given the tagline “You can’t escape the silence,” which has led some Grey’s Anatomy fans to believe that Meredith Grey may be deaf after taking the brutal beating by the unstable patient.

If Meredith is deaf as a result of the attack, it seems likely that the affliction will not be permanent, as it would be a challenge to write for the show’s main character as a doctor if she can’t hear what’s going on around her in an emergency situation at the hospital. Besides, hasn’t Meredith been through enough?

Grey's Anatomy Season 12 spoilers: Is Meredith def?

In twelve seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, fans have basically seen Meredith Grey go through the ringer. She’s been attacked, nearly drowned, had her hand on a bomb, lost a pregnancy, and so much more. After having her deal with the death of her beloved husband, Dr. Derek Shepherd, it seems that fans don’t want to see Meredith in yet another bad place. Instead, fans want to see her moving on and possibly getting a new love interest, which is something that is reportedly coming in the near future for Mer.

While it looks like the Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 midseason premiere will focus mainly on Meredith, there are so many other character storylines to explore in the remaining episodes of the season. Fans are dying to know if Jackson and April will get back together for good and what’s going on with Owen’s family. Owen’s relationship with Amelia is also another hot question that fans want to see answered, as well as Alex and Jo’s relationship. Will they get married and have a baby in the near future? Fans can’t wait to find out everything that happens at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital when the series returns to ABC next month. It seems after 12 seasons, fans are still excited for what the series will bring next.

What are your thoughts on the latest Grey’s Anatomy spoilers and Meredith’s brutal attack?

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