John Bench Jr., Lilibeth Eniceo: 'Forbidden Dying For Love' Eyes Story Of USS Denver, Navy Officer Who Wanted Family Dead

John Bench Jr., the American U.S. Naval officer who allegedly plotted with his Filipino mistress, Lilibeth Eniceo, to kill his whole family in the Philippines seven years ago, will be the next story to air this weekend on an episode of Investigation Discovery's hit show Forbidden: Dying For Love. Inquisitr has been keeping you up to date on all of the latest episodes of this crime documentary series that features cases of love that have ended in death. In Friday night's Forbidden: Dying For Love, titled "An Officer, Not A Gentlemen," tells the story of a United States sailor who risks everything to be with his foreign lover, even if it means death.


The John Bench Jr. and Lilbeth Eniceo love story made international headlines in 2009 when it was discovered that the U.S. Navy Master Chief Petty Officer killed his 12-year-old American son and attacked his daughter and wife with a baseball bat at the Sasebo Naval Base in Japan, while they were visiting from America. Authorities say that John Bench Jr., was so desperate to be with his lover, Lilibeth Eniceo, that they planned to murder Bench's whole family because they believed it was the only way they could make a life together. Divorce was not an option for John Bench Jr., who believed that his American wife would take all of his money once it was discovered that he had engaged in an extramarital love affair.

Authorities say that John Bench Jr., hired a Filipino man to do the job, but when he failed to kill them the first time, Bench decided to handle it himself. One of the murder attempts occurred inside of a taxi, where a man named Dimple Santos shot and killed Peter Turiano, a Filipino taxi driver who was transporting John Bench Jr's., wife and children. The attack was flubbed after the bullet struck and killed Turiano, instead of John Bench's wife, who survived after she grabbed the gun away from Santos.

Military publication Stars and Stripes describes the incident, as follows, in their article.

"Bench's mistress, Lilibeth Eniceo, paid him 5,000 pesos — about $123 — to kill Agnes Bench and her two children as they toured Antipolo City in a hired taxi driven by Turiano. Police reports at the time show Santos also made off with credit cards and about $2,200 in cash.Santos hijacked the taxi, led Turiano to a ditch and shot him in the back. But Agnes Bench grabbed the gun, overpowered him and the family was able to escape."
John Bench Jr., was known as a "model" sailor who seemed to be serious about his job. However, a look into his background reveals a troubled man who was willing to do the unthinkable to his family, while serving in the military. Peter Turiano's family was completely devastated by his murder and demanded justice. Sadly, they wouldn't have the satisfaction of John Bench receiving a conviction for his actions, since he died in a motorcycle accident the same day that he attacked his family on the housing base.


In the end, Dindo Esplana "Dimple" Santos and Lilibeth Eniceo admitted their roles in the murder plot. To find out more details about this tragic love story, watch Investigation Discovery's Forbidden: Dying For Love tonight at 10/9 central.

Dealing with issues of extramarital sexual affairs with foreign women overseas has historically been an issue for many American families. The story of John Bench Jr., though unique, is a scenario that could happen anywhere in the world where military personnel are stationed. Engaging in an affair can have devastating consequences, not only for the family, but also for the person who has enlisted to serve their country. This point is discussed in an article by the Los Angeles Times, "Sailors' Warning: It's The Navy, Not The Love Boat."

"The Uniform Code of Military Justice defines fraternization as relationships between seniors and subordinates and any conduct between service personnel "to the prejudice of good order and discipline in the armed forces." Violation of the rules is punishable by dishonorable discharge, fines and up to two years in federal prison."
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