‘Arrow’ Star Emily Bett Rickards Compares Olicity To Bennifer, Says There Is No ‘Happily Ever After’

Despite facing a number of difficult obstacles over the years, many fans are still holding out hope that Arrow’s Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) and Oliver (Stephen Amell), affectionately known as “Olicity,” will eventually be together for good. However, given the latest developments in the series, which includes Felicity being confined to a wheelchair, some are beginning to doubt if the two will ever be happily ever after.

In an interview with People, Rickards echoed these sentiments and revealed that she doesn’t see a happy future for Olicity. However, Rickards did admit that the two characters have a future as long they continue to communicate with each other.

“I don’t feel like Olicity is going to be happily ever after,” Rickards shared. “Because of the city, there’s no happily anything in Starling but, I have high hopes for them as long as they stay communicative. I really believe that’s what they’re doing right now. They have this deep connection and that’s what they’re working toward and what we’re trying to put on television.”

At the same time, Rickards went on to discuss the label fans have given her character’s romance with Oliver. In particular, Rickards compared Olicity to the real life nickname given to Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez: “Bennifer.”

“I really like having this idea that we’re all connected to ‘Bennifer,’ originally created in the 90s, and we all now instead of giving [blended names] to real people, we give it to characters on television,” she explained. “And characters on television are generally and mostly of the time better than people in real life so we all have a little Bennifer inside of us. Why not spread it around some more?”

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez of "Bennifer" [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

All kidding aside, the recent revelations on the show provide some real obstacles to Felicity’s relationship with Oliver. Not only is Felicity now paralyzed after the attack by Damien Darhk, but her recovery process is definitely going to be a challenge in the weeks to come. Will their relationship be able to handle the added stress?

During a recent interview with TV Line, Arrow creator Wendy Mericle discussed her decision to put Felicity in a wheelchair. For starters, Mericle explained how Rickards was thrilled about the challenges her character now faces and was more than willing to accept the change in her storyline.

“She was intrigued, and she was totally game. She was excited because it’s a new challenge, obviously, to be dealing with this kind of permanent disability,” she stated. “I think most actors get excited about any sort of real “left turn” like that, and she was no exception.”

In addition to Felicity’s new circumstances, the latest episode of Arrow provided fans with more clues concerning the identity of the person in Oliver’s flash forward. Although it wasn’t revealed who is in the grave that Oliver is seen mourning over, we now know that it isn’t Felicity.

Fans now know that Felicity is not dead in the flash forward, but is she still with Oliver? [Image via The CW]

Although Mericle did not reveal the identity of the character in the grave, she did hint that there are clues in the scene as to what becomes of Felicity and Oliver’s marriage. As fans will recall, the scene included a shot of Oliver sitting in a limo with Felicity, who is not wearing any kind of ring. Does this mean that the two are not destined to get married?

“I definitely think there is some tension and we’re actually very intrigued to see if fans pick up on a very big clue about where they are at that point in their relationship,” Mericle shared. “It’s in the scene, and it’s a visual clue.”

The current season of Arrow continues Wednesday nights on The CW.

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