‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Philip Hiding Big Secrets, Belle & Shawn Reunite

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the end of the week reveal that Philip will have his hand in some big moments. Of course, viewers have already seen him sleep with Belle and conspire with his uncle Deimos, so what trouble will he cause next?

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Days of Our Lives fans will see Belle and Philip return from their steamy Las Vegas trip, and Belle will run into an eagerly awaiting Shawn. The estranged spouses will have a long talk about their marriage, and Shawn will tell Belle that he wants to give the relationship another chance.

For Days of Our Lives viewers who don’t know, Belle and Shawn were high school sweethearts and faced a lot of adversity to finally get married and become a family with their daughter, Claire. One of the biggest obstacles that Belle and Shawn had to face was Philip Kiriakis.

Days of Our Lives: Belle and Shawn reunite.

Belle and Philip were married, and Philip even believed Claire to be his own daughter at one point in time. After Belle and Philip divorced and she returned to Shawn, the couple quickly got engaged. However, before their wedding, Belle cheated on Shawn with Philip and was caught by Shawn’s mother, Hope Brady. The couple powered through, but when they recently returned to Salem in late 2015, it was revealed that Belle had cheated on Shawn yet again with an unknown man in their home state of Maine.

Days of Our Lives viewers watched as Shawn ripped into Belle, telling her he’d be a fool to forgive her for cheating on him yet again. However, it looks like he’s about to do just that. It seems that Belle will want to give her marriage another chance, but now that she’s gotten very close with Philip again, will he stand in the way of her happiness with Shawn? It seems we’re all about to see yet another love triangle between these three former best friends as Philip considers Belle the one that got away.

Meanwhile, Philip has more pressing issues to deal with. Victor’s brother, Deimos, is in Salem, and it seems he’s looking to strike it rich and possibly get back at his brother at the same time. It was recently revealed to Days of Our Lives watchers that Deimos and Philip have been working together in hopes of getting their hands on the experimental drug that Victor had developed for Caroline’s dementia. However, Victor refuses to give it up and let it be sold on the market.

Days of Our Lives: Victor and Deimos

Deimos is demanding the details on the drug from Philip, who says he refuses to push and betray Victor on the matter at this point in time only because he’s been through so much with the loss of his son, Bo Brady, and his godson, Daniel Jonas. However, Deimos says that if Philip doesn’t help him, he’ll expose his hidden, dark secrets. What could they be?

Some Days of Our Lives fans have been speculating that perhaps Deimos, and possibly Philip, conspired together to have Bo kidnapped, and that one or both of them may actually be behind Bo’s imprisonment, which ultimately led to him not being able to seek treatment for his brain tumor and resulted in his sudden and tragic death in the arms of his beloved wife, Hope Brady.

Since that time, Hope has been on the warpath and even shot and killed Stefano DiMera because she thought he was the one to give the orders to capture Bo, but if a Kiriakis is actually behind it and she finds out, her conscience will surely get the best of her and her accomplice, Rafe Hernandez.

What are your thoughts on the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers? Do you think Philip is up to no good?

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