Claims That Harry Styles Gave Kendall Jenner His Shirt Are Ridiculous

In recent weeks rumors that Harry Styles is dating Kendall Jenner have gone into overdrive. One Direction star Harry was linked to Jenner way back in 2013, but that “romance” was over by spring in the usual cycle of “winter girlfriend” stories. Over the last five years, it has become a tradition for Harry or another member of One Direction to be linked with a new girlfriend in the first week of December. By spring, we see the break-up stories emerging, usually just before One Direction headed off on their world tour.

This year, Styles fans were surprised to see that Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan, rather than Harry, were being linked with new girlfriends in December. After One Direction completed their promotional tour for Made In The A.M., Harry kept a low profile whilst Horan and Tomlinson were the subject of romance rumors.

Of course Harry is never out of the spotlight for long, and as the new year approached, Styles was once again being linked with Kendall Jenner. Kendall and her mother Kris Jenner joined Harry and his mother on a yacht in the Caribbean. Oddly, no pictures of Styles emerged prior to the Jenner’s arrival. The images that emerged were by Splash, a company that has worked extensively with the Jenner and Kardashian families in the past. As reported in The Inquisitr, speculation emerged that Harry was acting as a “beard” for Kendall amid reports that she was about to “come out” as gay.

The reality about Harry and One Direction’s winter girlfriend stories is that they follow a really obvious pattern, a formula that is repeated time and time again. As a result, many of Harry’s fans believe that these relationships are nothing more than a publicity stunt dreamt up by unimaginative PR teams.

Just last week, J-14 claimed that Harry was about to move in with Kendall to “take their relationship to the next level.” In Touch Weekly claimed that a “source” told them that Harry was moving to L.A. to be with Kendall.

“They’ve decided to take things to the next level. Harry is going to move into Kendall’s L.A. condo. They’ll also be sharing his London flat when they’re in the U.K.

“They have so much in common — especially since they were both thrown into the spotlight at such a young age. They’re perfect for each other.”

It seems that the source has forgotten that Styles already owns property in L.A. and spends a great deal of time there when he is free of One Direction commitments.

Recent days have seen another bizarre claim about Styles emerge. It has been claimed that Harry gave Kendall his favorite black shirt as a keepsake. It seems that the story first emerged in Hollywood Life and has since been picked up by other outlets. The celebrity gossip magazine claims that an exclusive source told them about Harry’s gift to Kendall.

“Harry gave Kendall one of his favorite black T-shirts as a ‘remember me’ gift before they said their goodbyes in St Barts. Kendall jokingly promised she would take good care of it and not wash it because it would not smell like him anymore. She sleeps in it and sometimes wears it during the day as well. It’s her Harry Styles keepsake.”

Of course, if the story were true it would all be very sweet, but the same outlet ran the exact same story about Niall Horan and Selena Gomez just a few weeks ago. Mind you, Niall’s shirt was white, whereas Harry’s was black.

One Direction fans are used to seeing stories about Harry Styles being recycled, but at present, stories are being recycled so quickly that you would be forgiven for thinking the machine is stuck on its spin cycle. Many fans will not have missed the fact that Harry’s bandmate Louis Tomlinson is also in L.A. and caught in the midst of a baby drama. Perhaps Harry is in L.A. to support his pal.

[Photo by Robert Altman/Invision/AP]