Lana Del Rey Is Anxious As Pope, Mom Helped By Francesco Carrozzini

In many ways, Lana Del Rey’s life appears to be getting better after a long battle with four criminal-minded fans.

Nevertheless, swift justice involving a terrorizing fan may not be enough for Lana Del Rey, and she could use the support of her boyfriend. Instead Francesco Carrozzini is in Italy helping the Pope save the planet, on top of helping his mom get ready for big changes at her job.

Last year, Lana Del Rey said she was suffering from panic attacks and depression, according to Billboard — but could it be the source of her feelings is that she is repeatedly terrorized by “fans”?

TMZ wrote on January 11 that Lana Del Rey did get some justice after three separate terrorizing incidents with four “fans” that contained criminal elements.

However, at a time when it seems like Lana Del Rey could use support the most, her boyfriend, Francesco Carrozzini, is missing in action. Nonetheless, it looks like Francesco Carrozzini has a good reason to be in Italy — and it involves his mother.

As Editor-in-Chief at Vogue Italia, Francesco Carrozzini’s mother is always in the news for fashion events. As it appears, Lana Del Rey may have been aware that Francesco’s mother, Franca Sozzani, is about to start facing some big changes at work.

Although Lana Del Rey was terrorized by fans in November, she did get justice for one incident the following January. (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

According to a January report from Engage, the publishers that own Vogue Italia, Conde Nast, are restructuring the company — and it appears that Lana Del Rey’s paramour-in-law might have a reason to be stressed. Starting on February 15, Franca Sozzani will have several new people reporting to her — in addition to her usual duties.

As for Francesco, he may not be with Lana Del Rey, but he is making good use of his time. Along with being around for his mother for support, Francesco Carrozzini continues to land one photography gig after another with A-list celebrities.

For example, PP Corn says Nicki Minaj owes the photography in one of her videos to Francesco, and he photographed Ben Stiller for Vanity Fair Italy in mid-January. On January 21, Francesco was listed as giving creative input to a documentary made about Janis Joplin, according to Sued Deutsche.

Despite this, Lana Del Rey might be a little lonely for Francesco Carrozzini because he is in Italy to visit the Pope — and to help the planet. According to EcoWatch, around January 12, Francesco contributed to an event orchestrated for the Pope Francis by Connect4Climate.

Radio Vaticana also thanked Francesco Carrozzini for contributing to the “Fiat Lux” light display at St. Peter’s Basilica for Connect4Climate in mid-December.

Of course, Lana Del Rey has a presence within activism as well and probably does not mind that Francesco Carrozzini took a whole month off to dedicate himself to environmental causes.

For instance, Just Jared noted that, around January 9, Lana Del Rey joined Justin Bieber at the Help Haiti Home gala to raise money for Haiti’s rebuilding that is still ongoing after the disastrous earthquake on January 12, 2010.

Lana Del Rey supports Haiti charities
Lana Del Rey takes time to support a charity to rebuild Haiti on January 9. (Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

Francesco Carrozzini updates aside, fans that want to see Lana Del Rey tour in 2016 might have a couple of areas of promise. For example, The Interns thinks that Lana Del Rey will easily partner with Dua Lipa because they are “represented by the same management.”

Adding to the idea that Lana Del Rey and Dua Lipa might work well together on the same ticket, the Guardian wrote the following on January 19.

“[Dua] Lipa has been swatting away Lana Del Rey comparisons, and fair enough: though even she couldn’t deny that they share a statuesque hauteur, artistically they’re as different as Camden and upstate New York. Not that this always works in Lipa’s favour. On stage, where Del Rey’s lack of audience interaction cloaks her in velvety impenetrability, Lipa just comes across as having nothing much to say.”

Lana Del Rey on tour would also be great news for Tone Deaf since they want to see Lana Del Rey back in Australia for the 2016 Splendor in the Grass Festival.

According to their January 22 report, as soon as the festival was announced for 2016, fans hurried to put in their requests about which musicians should perform. About Lana Del Rey’s likelihood of performing in Australia, Tone Deaf wrote the following.

“Lana Del Rey is veritable Splendour In The Grass candy and she’s played the festival before to a rave reception. She’s set to perform in Moscow, Russia early in July, but has nothing else scheduled for after.”

[Picture by Angela Weiss/Stringer/Getty Images]