Winter Storm Jonas Live Updates: Find Latest Snowfall Projections, Winter Storm Warnings, And Flight Cancellations For 2016 East Coast Snowstorm

Winter Storm Jonas is making its way up the East Coast, and anyone who wants live updates of the storm will have plenty of sources to find all the projections and warnings for the giant blizzard.

The storm is expected to affect tens of millions of Americans, with snow shutting down transportation and high winds expected to wreak havoc along the storm’s path.

The snowstorm started moving its way up the East Coast on Thursday with an initial burst of snow, but it’s expected to gain strength of Friday as it dumps heavy of snow and bring damaging winds to 15 states. Blizzard conditions are expected for several major cities in the 2016 snowstorm’s path, including Baltimore, Washington, D.C., and New York City.

The snow is expected to grind several of these major urban areas to a halt, along with many areas of the south that are less equipped to deal with the winter weather.

The latest projections predict up to two feet of snow in the hardest-hit area, a stretch from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, in the north down to the middle of Virginia. But many areas remain difficult to predict, with some places around the edges of the storm receiving anywhere from a dusting to six inches or more.

And as pointed out, the wind and snow and ice are not the only hazards of Winter Storm Jonas. There is also a possibility of coastal flooding.

“There remains some uncertainty regarding coastal flood impacts, as, once again, the exact track and forward speed of the low-pressure center will dictate wind direction, wind duration and the length of the wind flow over water, or fetch, all components to determining the amount of coastal surge flooding and battering waves atop the surge.

With a full moon this weekend, tides will already be running high, which could worsen coastal flooding impacts, as strong winds drive onshore during multiple tide cycles.”

And because the storm is moving along the eastern seaboard through major population centers, weather experts say up to 1 in 4 Americans could end up under blizzard or winter storm warnings.

“It does have the potential to be an extremely dangerous storm that can affect more than 50 million people,” said Louis Uccellini National Weather Service director at the Weather Prediction Center in College Park, Maryland, in an interview with The Huffington Post.

Because the storm is starting on late Thursday and expected to continue dumping snow through the end of Sunday, many believe it will end up as one of the top 10 storms of all time to hit the East Coast. It is even being compared to the so-called “Snowmageddon” that struck in 2010, shutting down Washington.

Those who want to follow live updates of the Winter Storm Jonas will have plenty of outlets to keep up with all the developments on the 2016 snowstorm. NBC News is keeping a live blog of all news related to the winter storm, including major municipal closings. The New York Times has its own live updated blog of Winter Storm Jonas.

For more meteorological-centered live updates on Winter Storm Jonas, AccuWeather has updates on all the latest projections and weather events. The National Weather Service also has continually updated projections of the storm, including weather maps and data for specific regions. Information on flight delays due to the 2016 East Coast snowstorm can be found here, with a live map of cancellations here.

[Picture by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]